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Sticky Brick Hydro Brick Maxx

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With the HydroBrick Maxx, the artisan inventors at Sticky Brick have created the ultimate portable vape station. Using a torch lighter as a heat source (included), the Sticky Brick vaporizers offer a unique form of temperature control and unrivalled flavour.

While mastering the best technique may require some practice, once you've found your sweet spot, the HydroBrick Maxx is sure to deliver extremely satisfying and thick vapour as well as a unique flavour experience.

Water filtration options

The HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer comes packed with everything you need - all in a beautiful and elegant wooden shell. A built-in storage and hideaway cap help conceal everything nicely inside the Maxx. The HydroBrick comes with a whip and connectors to easily connect to your favourite water piece for super smooth hits. An 18 mm mouthpiece, built-in 18 mm male connector is included.

On-demand convection vapour

The Sticky Brick' s HydroBrick is a so-called home portable that provides 100% true convection vapour on demand. The Sticky Brick vaporizers use a torch lighter as a heat source for fast heating and exceptional flavour.

Portable vape station

Perhaps not the smallest portable vaporizers on the market, we like to consider the Sticky Brick vapes as 'portable vape stations'. Once set up, you are ready to enjoy flavourful and thick vapour, no matter where you are. After use, the HydroBrick is easy to close and conceal, turning your powerful vaporizer into an inconspicuous wooden box.

Free of electronics

The Sticky Brick vaporizers operate on the flame of a torch lighter and are completely free of electronics. Combine this with a beautifully designed, handcrafted wooden shell and you'll quickly realize these vapes are one of a kind.


  • 1 HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer
  • Glass Heat Intake
  • Dry Glass Mouthpiece
  • Whip and Connection (18 mm male)
  • Butane Lighter (Unfilled)
  • LED Lighted Tweezers
  • Storage Jar
  • Airhole Corks
  • 5 Replacement Screens
  • Stir / Cleaning Tools

How to use the vaporizer

The folks at Vapelife X have created a helpful video with usage and tricks for the Sticky Brick Vaporizer. The HydroBrick Maxx is slightly different, but the heating technique is the same.

Lifetime Warranty

VapoShop is an authorized reseller of Sticky Brick products. When you purchase your Sticky Brick HydroBrick from us, you are guaranteed to receive an authentic product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. The glass parts are covered by a 30-day guarantee.

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Heating technique: Convection
Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Delivery method: Direct draw
Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
Brand: Sticky Brick