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Mike B. 2019-04-21

I vape using a Storm vaporizer. In 2018 we grew 8 plants of various strains here in Denmark. We had a very good season with most plants, but the Hollands Hope was very late and weak compared to the others (low on THC). However, our Hollands Hope is very good for medical use. My Storm holds approximately 0,2 gram of weed. Using stronger weed like our Auto Northern Light, vaping 0,2 gram is to much for one person. But with our Hollands Hope this amount is very adequate for my medical use. Using the Storm with medical cannabis, I find there is nine inhalations of medium size. These I distribute over three vaping sessions like this: 17.00h 3 vapes White (high temperature) 18.30h 3 vapes Green (medium temperature) 20.00h 3 vapes Red (low temperature) This system works very well for me. With best wishes -Mike

Conor M 2018-05-27
  • Can vape everything
  • Heats up

Great vaporizer Great vaporizer. Works great with weed but can also handle dry moroccon hash (which is not obvious). The only downside, the glass mouthpiece heats up quite a bit.

Martin 2018-01-27

After 1.5 years I would like to finally review the Storm vaporizer here on vaposhop as I ordered it from this site. It was and still is my first own vaporizer. First things first: I ordered it with an additional battery, the bubbler mouthpiece and the carry case. That was a good decision after all and after this time I am fully pleased with this product. Not a daily user, but more regularly than not, so it is not collecting any dust in some corner! I totally recommend the bubbler mouthpiece to anyone who does not want to get her/his lips burned. The glas mouthpiece gets extremely hot and feels very uncomfortable for several people who have tried it with me. I have never tried the silicon mouthpiece though, so cannot say anything about that. The cool down effect of the bubbler mouthpiece does its job on the hot vape and makes it feel very gentle in your throat (non smoker here). The second battery is almost obligatory, especially if you would like to take your Storm out with you (which most people do) as the battery drain is quite huge. Therefore the carry case does protect your vaporizer and gives you a nice storage for your second battery and all the rest you wanna take with. The Storm vaporizer offers you a great value for the money invested. Can recommend it to anyone who does not know which one to start with. Thanks for vaposhop to deliver it so descrete and uncomplicated as well as fast!

Edward 2017-09-21

Super slick design, fits just right in hand. It gets hot if you vape twice in a row with the 3rd setting. Can hold a lot of "herbs" at once but will even work when it isn't totally full. Power lights works more like: white = 100-90% / green = 80-70% / red = 60-10%. Glass mouthpiece gets very hot with using the 2nd setting for longer than 5 minutes. As does the silicone piece, but if you put your lips more over the top cap there will be more silicone separating your lips from the hot steam cloud. Overall it is very fine vaporizer, easy to hide or put in your pocket. I do recommend you to pullout the battery from it since the button is very easily pressed even in your bag (wasted my herbs).

georgepap 2017-05-04

I chose this unit because you can change the battery. It gives you a great vape, taste and cloud. Gets really hot when using but not a problem. The chamber is big, good when with company. Easy to clean. No coils to change. To conserve wasting my special herbs I mix them with a little tobacco and lavender when vaping alone. Great taste. Stopped using Ecig. Something about the taste I didn't like. Its really good. Would have been nice if there was a system to use this unit with a 510 Mod battery. Great product. You must try it.

Miha 2017-03-05

Very nice vaporizer. Works well, easy to use. Nice clouds, inhaling is easy and does not require a lot of work as with some pen vaporizers. I use this at home and I have it almost all the time charging up. For using it on the go, I suggest buying couple of extra batteries. (from eBay 40€ 10batteries).. I would recommend this. especially since in this new version the glass mouthpiece is included. Thank you vaposhop.

Zakk 2017-01-27

BTW, I am absolutely loving this. Easy to use, easy to clean, looks the dogs bollocks and feels very sturdy. Moved onto this after being unhappy with my da Vinci ascent for quite while as it had too many parts, was too difficult to clean and wasn't very portable when you take into account the charger. It is so stealthy you can vape in public anywhere and nobody would notice any difference. Apart from the smell. So so happy with this, even better that you can take replacement batteries with you, so good on a night out.

Schroedinger 2016-11-11

I have been using this vape for two months now. I threw away my tobacco and papers and never looked back: No more wheezing and coughing in the morning after an evening of enjoying herbs (I am a herb enthusiast for > 20 years now). The taste is excellent and the effects are just amazing (compared to smoking). After about a month, the device had some issues (the cover coming off) but was replaced fast and without issues by vaposhop.

J 2016-11-11

I'm new to this things but this vaporizer is doing the job I wanted. Simple as that

Nord 2016-09-20

This vaporizer is awesome! I just excited how well it designed and built. It heats in minute and switches off after 5 minute session, not to burn your herb. This is the new version, glass mouthpiece included! Arrived in 3 days. Vaposhop - you are doing great job! Thanks for gifts included! :)

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