FAQ for: TopBond Odin 2 vaporizer

  • Ville: 2019-01-30 22:13:53
    Hello im checking out that https://www.vaposhop.com/vaporizer-brands/topbond/topbond-odin-2/I have used top Bond odin 1 And problem was with mouthpiece that got really sticky And dirty by time And could not clean it anymore. At version 1 there came 2 mouth pieces in with it And there is possible to order More. At version 2 there only comes 1 And I dont find any possible to order extra ones from your site. So can i use version 1 mouthpieces in version 2 or is it just easier to clean or is there extra mouthpieces to order to version 2?
    The Mouthpieces are interchangeable as the thread is the same. We stopped selling the Odin 1 Mouthpiece and we will not get it back.
  • Michal: 2019-01-27 13:35:13
    Have you another mouth-pieces for odin 2 on stock ? Or can I use it from Odin 1 ?
    You can find the mouthpiece for Odin 2 right here: www.vaposhop.nl/vaporizer-accessoires/topbond-odin-2-glazen-mondstuk/
  • Mary Jane: 2018-10-12 12:02:41
    How do the buttons work? Are they touch screen?
    Yes, the Odin has a touchscreen for turning the device on and of. Three taps on the touch screen turns it on, and you set the temperature using the + and - buttons. Pressing both + and - simultaneously flips from C to F.

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