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The ‘M’ is the latest instalment in the VapCap series, manufactured in the USA by DynaVap. The DynaVap vapes are rapidly increasing in popularity and for good reason. These super small, flame-fueled vapes are extremely efficient. Furthermore, the vapour produced by these pen-shaped vaporizers is extremely flavourful.

DynaVap’s VapCap M was designed with the intent of providing the highest quality, durability and experience for an extremely reasonable price. It is constructed utilizing 100% medical grade stainless steel, to the exact dimensions of the Original VapCap. 

Like all DynaVaps, the 'M' arrives equipped with the signature temperature indicating cap. The cap makes a clicking sound when it has heated up sufficiently. This way Dynavap provides simplicity and efficiency for all.

The DynaVap VapCap vapes can also be used with resin. Make sure to remove the residue after each vaping session.

Best used in combination with a torch lighter for heating the cap.

Read our in-depth review of the VapCap 'M' 2019 edition

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 – what’s new?

A new fine rosette pattern ensures a pleasurable grip while holding and spinning the VapCap M during heating.
The carb hole is now even more pronounced and can be found easier from all sides.
The tip has an M-shaped groove for a superior heat transfer.
Overall improvement of the airflow.

VapCap ‘M’ Characteristics

Midsection: Stainless Steel
Condenser: M
Mouthpiece: Stainless Steel
Total Length: 92 mm

How to use the VapCap M

VapCap M is very easy to use. Simply remove the small metal cap and load the VapCap with ground material (or small pieces of resin).
Close the cap again
Apply heat to the side of the cap, while rotating, until you feel or hear the click
When it clicks, it’s ready for use
Inhale and enjoy!
When the VapCap has cooled, it will click again.

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VapCap 'M' (DynaVap) Questions

Hi,Can you tell me if this is the 2019 version, i can't see any option to select and the description refers to both the 2018 and 2019 products, which one is this?Thanks,Derek

This is the Vapcap M 2019 the older 2018 version isn't available in our store anymore.

Is there a wooden mouth piece for sale for this type?

Unfortunately, we don't have such a mouthpiece for sale.

Hi,Is this silicon case for dynavap also part of the packaging for the 2019 model or i have to buy it separately?

No need to buy it separately, every Vapcap including the 2019 M will be delivered in a storage tube as seen on the picture, in case you need a replacement tube you can find it here: /vaporizer-brands/dynavap/vapcap-storage-tube/

Can I use a regular lighter to heat up the VapCap M?

Yes this is possible, if you use a regular Lighter your Cap will accumulate some soot and it will take a bit longer to heat up but it definitely works.

Hello!I am thinking about buying VapCap 'M' (DynaVap) 2018 or 2019 (not sure yet) and I have a question in regards to this product.I've seen some reviews on this vape and I know that I need some sort of lighter to use the product. But as I am a first

You can find our sortiment of Torch Lighters here: /vaporizer_accessoires/torch-lighters/

When can we expect 2019 model to be in store?


Hi, when will the 2019 preorders ship?

The pre-order will be sent out on the 1st of April.

Gibt es zu dem 2019 Modell ein Metall case (Hülle)oder wie beim 2018 Modell ein Kunststoff case ?

Die Aufbewahrungsbehälter der M 2018 und M 2019 sind identisch und beide aus Kunststoff gefertigt.

Hello do you guys sell the Shadow tips as in the vap cap thank you

Unfortunately, there is no separate Shadow tip available.

When you hear the click what is the temperature inside the chamber


Kan bij de levering de vapcap M door de brievenbus heen?

Vaporizers worden altijd verzonden in een doosje, deze passen helaas niet door de brievenbus. Neem vooral contact op met onze klantenservice als je meer vragen hebt over de verzending.

Sind CCD Siebe inklusive?Wenn ja aus Stahl oder Titan?

Die Vapcap M kommt inklusive einem CCD Sieb aus Stahl, welches bereits in die Kräuterkammer eingesetzt ist. Hier siehst du wie du das CCD Sieb wechselst:

Do you ship to Greece? I’m looking at purchasing the m shadow alongside some accessories. How quick is the shipping?

Yes, we ship to Greece, the shipping time is about 4-5 days. Check for more shipping information.

Hi!Got the Dynavap M and tried it out. The cap is loose and the vapor has to be held cap pointing up to avoid it falling off. What to do?

Don't worry, this is not unusual and does not indicate a problem with your Vapcap. When cooled and off of the device, a slight squeeze of the cap will adjust the contact with the tip. It is also explained by Dynavap in the following video (around 10:35):

Ist bei diesem Modell die Füllkammergröße einstellbar?(Die Siebchenhöhe verstellbar)

Nein diese Option steht bei der VapCap M nicht zur Verfügung, dafür benötigst du ein Endstück in der Titan-Ausführung: /vaporizer-zubehor/vaporizer-teile/omnivap-tip/

Buongiorno, ho ricevuto ieri il VapCap M e l'ho subito provato ma dopo varie prove solo una volta sono riuscito ad espellere del vapore... come mai? cosa sbaglio? Ho aspettato il "click" e ho aspirato ma niente vapore... poco dopo ha fatto il click d

Si raccomanda l'uso di un accendino a fiamma ossidrica. Per maggiori informazioni sull'utilizzo puo`seguire la spiegazione nel video: /watch

Kommt der Dynavap M 2018 von euch auch in einer grünen flip top storage tube?

Ja, die 2018ner VapCap M kommt auch in dem klassischen grünen Dynavap Aufbewahrungsbehälter.

does it include the green case in the box??¿?

Yes, the Vapcap M comes in a green tube.

Hello! Is it possible to buy a customized vapcap M? I would prefer mine with the Ti tip (and/or Ti condenser), instead of the ss ones.) Thank you

No, it is not possible to buy a already customized Vapcap M form us, we will ship our Vaporizers always as packed by the Manufacturer. You can of course customize your Vapcap M yourself, here you will find a wide variety of Dynavap accessories:

Hello, is this a convection or a conduction vaporizer? Thank you in advance for your reply.

You can consider the VapCap as a manually heated hybrid.

Zijn er losse gaasjes verkrijgbaar voor de DynaVap?

Ja! /shop/productgroup/by_id/7396/

Good morning is the 2018 model that you have now for sale?Thank you very much!

Yes, the 2018 version is pre-selected for checkout!

Salve, questa non è la nuova versione 2018 uscita in commercio un mese fa vero?

Si puo`selezionare la nuova versione 2018 nella tendina.

Hi, how long warranty on this one please?Thanks

You will have a warranty of 2 years for the VapCap M.

E' la versione 2018?

On a la version de 2018 ainsi que la version de 2017. Vous pouvez choisir lequel vous préférez.

È sicuro che non avvenga combustione?Credo sia scorretto chiamarlo vaporizzatore. La vaporizzazione in chimica avviene attraverso l’acqua. Questa dovrebbe essere sublimazione.Grazie

Ogni sostanza vaporizza ad una specifica temperatura. Se la temperatura è troppo elevata si potrebbe causare combustione.

What is the difference between the M 2018 vapcap and the previous one?

That is what's new about the 2018 M Version: The VapCap M 2018 version has a new, classy design, featuring a textured grip. This makes it easier and more comfortable to hold your VapCap when you're heating it up. The carb hole is more pronounced, making it easier to find. The renewed airflow technique, featuring a triple helix, makes for amazing airflow.

Bonjour, est il possible d’ajuster la taille du bol avec l’embout d’origine fournit ? Ou faut-il upgrader avec un embout en titane ? Merci!

Il n'est pas possible d'ajuster la taille du bol avec l'embout du VapCap 'M'. L'embout en titane/acide inoxydable permets 3 différentes tailles de bol.

Bonjour, est il possible de modifier la taille du bol avec l'embout d'origine?Merci!

Il n'est pas possible d'ajuster la taille du bol avec l'embout du VapCap 'M'. L'embout en titane/acide inoxydable permets 3 différentes tailles de bol.

Dopo che lo usi da un po' di mesi la parte dove va riscaldata e il braciere diventano neri?

Il cambio di colore e' una consequenza naturale dell'uso dei vaporizzatori Dynavap, ma non influisce sulla qualita' della sessione, se il vaporizzatore viene pulito accuratamente.

Kan ik de baterij van de VapCap 'M' ( dynaVap)

De VapCap 'M' is een vaporizer die niet werkt op een batterij, maar met een torch aansteker. Je vindt deze onder het kopje Vape-onderdelen > Aanstekers.

Customer evaluation for "VapCap 'M' (DynaVap)"

  • + easy to use
  • + lightweight
  • + nice build
  • - Not my type

Recommended by a friend,have it for 6 months now.
Solid and small size, will be there for years.
The taste is amazing,the fact that doesn't require batteries is another bonus,just a strong lighter or o torch.
However its not my type,as a heavy stoner i think it affects me less than smoking weed.Also the puff's feel weaker,i cannot get a big cloud out of it but maybe i do something wrong.
Overall its a great vap for people that likes that.
Greetings from Greece.

  • + easy to use
  • + lightweight
  • + nice build
  • + very efficient
  • - Have proper cleaning methods

Well, I have to give it 5 stars. For the versatility and quality. Sure it's not the most flavor and maybe not the most cloudy vapor you'll blow, at least comparing it to a desktop vape, but it's just a beautiful device that just works.

  • + easy to use
  • + lightweight
  • + nice build
  • + very efficient
  • - nothing really

Had my first vape yesterday. For a very small amount of herbs, it got me and my partner up in the clouds, few puffs later. Totally worth the price. The design is simple yet perfect for its functionality. Nothing would beat this. Highly recommended.

  • + easy to use
  • + nice build
  • + very efficient

    Very easy to use really, cheers from Athens Greece

    • + lightweight
    • + nice build
    • + very efficient
    • - respect the clic

    It took a couple of days to think I'm starting to master it. And I have to admit, once I focused on flavour over vapor cloud, I was really surprised just how subtle and flavourful this can be.
    Less really is more with it.
    I'm a seasoned vaporiser user. And I'm blown away by the efficiency of this unit.

    • + easy to use
    • + lightweight
    • - nothing really

    Does everything its supposed to and shipping was fast. All in all, great service.

    • + easy to use
    • + lightweight
    • + nice build
    • + very efficient
    • + works with resin
    • - nothing really
    • - respect the clic

    Firstly thank you vaposhop excellent service I received this in Dublin 2 days after ordering I only ordered 2018 model cheap and cheerful not knowing what to expect I am a stroke survivor so I've been vaping for a while now with the haze v3 and the mighty so wasn't expecting much of a 60 euro vape well how wrong was I this is a beast with herb but amazing with resin cool vapour and extremely effective I would recommend to any novice or seasoned vape enthusiast I'll give it a couple of months and upgrade to a higher spec although probably not necessarily need to anyway thanks again to vaposhop cool service.

    • + easy to use
    • + lightweight
    • + very efficient
    • - nothing really

    Just got my vapcap today got the 2018 version and i packed it and hit it about 5 times and im am LIT! We have to tell the rest of the world about this i am feeling a way better high then smoking and this is my first time vaping. Im jamming at the moment Bob Marley '' is this love is this love that im feelin ''. Amazing product amazing service a time to be alive peace and love everyone stay high!

    • + easy to use
    • + lightweight
    • + nice build
    • + very efficient
    • - nothing really

    I have used this few months and it's great. When you learn it, you can heat it easily and get big hits. With waterpiece it decent vape with few friend also!

    • + easy to use
    • + lightweight
    • + nice build
    • + very efficient

      First time using a vaporizer for dry herb and must say it's pretty easy to use. No waste of material, very economical. I would definitely try more products from Dynavap.
      Delivery was also very quick, got mine 3 days after it was being shipped. Some neat free gifts were included in the package. Will purchase again from vaposhop!

      • + easy to use
      • + lightweight
      • + nice build
      • + very efficient

        I wish I had this 20 years ago...

        • + Light draw resistance
        • + Medical grade materials
        • + nice build
        • + Stealthy
        • + very efficient
        • + works with resin
        • - don't run out of lighter fluid mid session
        • - nothing really
        • - respect the clic

        This thing rips, no really. I said that crafty, fenix and similar vaporizers are highly efficient, then this is ultra super efficient. I am using it with single jet butane torch.

        This vapo is almost indestructible, provides great flavor, its easy to use, no batteries needed, has nice light airflow, materials used are medical grade, can be used with waterpipe and learning curve isnt bad. Also the item is really fairly priced. Excellent work Dynavap team!!!

        btw Respect the click!

        • + design
        • + easy to use
        • + lightweight
        • + nice build
        • + very efficient
        • + works with resin

          that black Shadow "M" is beautiful. Of course Vaposhop is the first once more. Awesome job this is sick!
          Will order one for myself right away even though I already have the normal 2017 "M".
          Great to have the 2018 as well and in dark material especially

          • + good vapor production
          • + lightweight
          • + very efficient
          • - don't run out of lighter fluid mid session
          • - not very convenient to heat up

          Good vaporizer overall, you won't be disappointed if you're an average stoner. Might be a bit underwhelming with heavy tolerance.

          • + easy to use
          • + lightweight
          • + nice build
          • + very efficient
          • + works with resin

            First time using vaporizer and its so smooth and tasty. Very easy to use and fun practising different technics. Being battery free, stylish and good price made me buy it without regreting it.

            • + lightweight
            • + nice build
            • + works with resin
            • - nothing really
            • - respect the clic

            • + easy to use
            • + lightweight
            • + nice build
            • - nothing really

            First time tried any vape and i am really happy, this thing is very nice to use and oh man the feel.... i just love it and recommend it 100%

            Absolutely brilliant, as a long time toker I have struggled to fully convert to vaping my herb. I've owned a plenty (very good but cord is annoying and chamber v big), a volcano (superb but bags and noise are annoying), and a iq (which was ok with good flavour/vapour quality but not very efficient and battery length was crap). The vapcap m blows them all out the water.

            A couple of day learning curve and your producing massive flavourful clouds that lead to a high which is very immediate and more similar to smoking imo. Very good for smokers looking to move to vaping, no bags, no batteries and no cords, just a torch lighter plus it's unbelievably efficient, haven't had a joint since I bought it and using about a third less ganja a week. Highly recommended and I never both to write reviews.

            This little VapCap M is something you have to use to really believe the hype. Top tier flavor, ease of use and no stress with charging, plastic taste or hard to clean pieces. Pure genius work! One last word to the Vaposhop team: thank you for being so professional (fast delivery & discrete package ).

            The Hype is real, The M is Impressive to say the least! Super fast shipping to Croatia.
            Best Buy!!
            I only wish there were more freebies like @puffitup :p

            This vape is an absolute beast

            Amazing vaporizer! Very flavourful, cheap and indeed hits like a mule!

            If y'all remember the movie Men In Black, this beauty would be "The Noisy Cricket" of vaporizers!

            This thing tastes great and kicks like a mule.
            Very efficient and awesome results.
            Highly recommended!
            The venom 3 flame jet torch sold here heats it up in about ten seconds.
            Dynastash also highly recommended.
            Vaposhop is awesome

            Great product at a great cost. I've almost retired my Pax 2 and EQ since purchasing this. I can safely recommend this to anyone. Works even better with a waterpipe though, so it might be worth considering it.

            Guter Vaporizer für MInimalisten! Sehr effizient d.h. hoher Wirkungsgrad + schönes Design! Ich habe die Luftzufuhr (Zustromkanäle) oben am "Cap" mit einer kleinen Metallfeile noch etwas aufgefeilt um einen geringeren Zugwiderstand zu bekommen, dann ist der ganze Vorgang noch etwas komfortabler in der Handhabung.
            Schnelle Lieferung auch von Vaposhop!
            Vielen Dank.

            Very pleased with this, +1 for vaposhop's good service.

            It works very good and gives you nice draws after learning the technique. With herb works very good and taste fansatic, very efficient with minimum amount.

            Amazing, spectacular efficiency, amazing taste. Only one thing in bad side, requires a few hours of learning.
            Espectacular, funciona flama, un pedazo de sabor y un buen margen de vapor. En el lado malo requiere un poco de conocimiento.

            hands down the best vaporiser in the price range, possibly the best vaporiser of all i tried (mflb, solo, flowermate v5.0s, pax 3, volcano). apart from the amazing vapour quality, it's fun to use. one develops a dynamic herb cooking technique, a pleasant ritual. additionally, it's possible to make very big hits.

            I own an Extreme Q, a Plenty, a MFLB, a Flowermate, a Sticky Brick Junior and now this. I was skeptical at first, but after just one month of daily usage, the M is now my daily driver along with the Sticky Brick jr. Both butane fueled, both fantastic vapes. And, once again 5 stars for Vaposhop's excellent service.

            Never used or had a Vaporiser before, but after reading a lot of good things about the M, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one from Vaposhop. Really easy to use, very economical and very effective. Great build quality as well. I am already a huge fan and highly recommend the M to anyone.

            Very happy with this purchase!
            Being my first vaporiser I definetly underestimated how well this thing would work, it's very easy to pick up the lighting and filling technique in a day or two. Couldn't see myself vaping any other way after using this! Also Vaposhop did a great job getting the product to me really fast and helped me out in customer support.

            from the first hit, i felt in love. Beautiful, it looks really nice, it's actually portable, it dries the herbs pretty evenly. May be the only small problem is you have to be a bit careful not to over hit it or something like that, but i don't think is a big problem.

            So no questions 5 stars.

            Simple and easy to use!

            Lot's of info about it on the web one thing I was scared of was that a torch lighter was necessary, this isn't the case!

            A normal bic lighter works fine, just put the cap into the blue of the flame and rotate well. Takes 10 secs or so.

            Very good vaporizer. I've had a Volcano and a Flowermate. Both are great, but i won't use it anymore since i tried the Vapcap.
            I like using it, you can heat low or high as you prefer, no mistake, no combustion, nice clouds and vapor. And it's a really cool little thing. I won't go back to electric powered units.
            In my opinion, one of the best vaporizers ever made. Great quality.
            As always, support from Vaposhop is great too.

            Excellent product and concept. I think o rings are sensitive but can be easily replaced when they break. Nice taste and cloud. Ideal for Relic Smoker's like me. Of course you get great support here at vaposhop if you run into any problems. 5 stars for the shop too!

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            Automatic switch-off: No
            Delivery method: Direct draw
            Adjustable temperature: No
            Compatibility: Herbs and oils
            Portable / Desktop: Portable
            Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
            Warranty: 2 years
            Replaceable battery: No
            Heating technique: Hybrid
            Pass-through charging: No
            Brand: DynaVap