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VapCap Original (DynaVap)

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For those who prefer an elegant and discreet non-electronic vaporizer (eliminating the need for batteries or electronics), the VapCap is worth looking into. VapCap sets a new standard by being very easy to use with its built in temperature click indicator.

VapCap is contructed out of medical grade glass, stainless steel and silicone, providing you with pure, intense vapour. The flavour and thickness of the vapour produced by the VapCap is extremely satisfying and has surprised many, especially given the size and simplicity of the vape.

How it works

  • VapCap is very easy to use. Simply remove the small metal cap and load the glass VapCap with finely ground material
  • Close the cap again
  • Apply heat to the side of the cap, while rotating, until you feel or hear the click
  • When it clicks, it’s ready for use
  • Inhale and enjoy!

When the VapCap has cooled, it will click again.

While any flame will do to heat up the VapCap sufficiently, we recommend using a torch lighter for best (and fastest) results.


  • 1 VapCap Original
  • 1 airtight carrying case
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VapCap Original (DynaVap) Questions

Ne peut on pas utiliser de la résine avec ce vaporisateur ?

Vous pouvez tout à fait utiliser de la résine avec le VapCap, en utilisant de la fibre de chanvre : /vaporizer_accessoires/degummed-hemp-fiber/

Does the glass break easily? Will it survive a 2 feet drop?

If you drop the vaporizer, it is very likely that the glass will break. Please note that this is not covered by warranty.

What's the size of the mouth piece? Wonder if it's compatible with a 14.5mm water pipe or should I order with it the DynaVap VapCap fat mouthpiece with it? Thanks

The VapCap Original comes already equipped with the fat mouthpiece so it should be compatible right away with your 14mm water pipe.

What comes included with this item?

This includes the Vapcap Original and an airtight carrying case.

Brand: DynaVap
Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Adjustable temperature: No
Automatic switch-off: No
Replaceable battery: No
Pass-through charging: No
Delivery method: Direct draw
Heating technique: Conduction
Portable / Desktop: Portable