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Vapman Specifications

  • Heating technique: Conduction
  • Automatic switch-off: No
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature: No


Most portable vaporizers are made of glass and thus quite fragile and difficult to clean, but not this one. The Vapman is composed of the highest-quality materials, is carefully made by hand in Switzerland and fits into a hard plastic carrying case.

This unique vaporizer is easy to refill and clean, and is absolutely stylish! All you need is a jetflame lighter and something to vaporize. Possibly the best Swiss invention since the Swiss Army Knife!

Difference Basic and Classic

The Vapman Basic is built of raw pear tree wood exterior and is not sanded or treated. The Classic is oiled with Linseed oil, contributing to its durability.

In addition, the Vapman Classic contains a mica heating protection, whereas with the Basic edition, some slight charring will occur after repeated use.


Included with the Vapman are:

  • 1 Vapman Vaporizer (Basic or Classic)
  • 1 hard plastic case (available in various colours)
  • 1 funnel tube

Vapman customer reviews

T 2011-04-23

stealth, convenient, small, efficient... grows on you and makes you forget about combustion in no times.

Psychonaut 2009-06-08

I own a vapman for around 4 month now and I have to say that I really love him. Very easy to use, works just great and hits heavy. Not optimal if you want to use it with several persons together. Its more a vaporizer for one or two persons. Although the ligher isnt 100% optimal imho. When the lighter is cold the flame is a bit small. When the lighter is warm there is greater pressure and the flame is optimal. All in all its def. a buy and when I will lose my vapman I will immediately buy a new one! 5/5 stars. Very good!

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Vapman Questions

  • Newtovapo: 2015-06-22 16:57:04
    Is it still the Mica you are offering
    Yes, the Classic edition is the Mica.
  • Rob: 2014-03-06 17:12:18
    Hi there, was wondering if you offer both the mica and pure versions? I want to make sure I get the mica. Thanks!
    Hi Rob, We currently only offer the Mica edition.
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