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karlseinemutter 2014-02-10

So IMHO that is one of the best portable vaporizer available. I know, there are MFLB and stuff, but portable means for me: what do I have to take with me to inhale stuff. So for MFLB you need of course the box, the charged batteries, the herbs and something to clean. For the vaponic you have to take the Marker Pen, your herbs and a jet lighter. So all in all 3 things both, there isnt much of a difference. The biggest difference between the MFLB and the vaponic is, there is one electrical and one is fueled by a jet flame and of course the price. If you dont mind the price then there are the advantages and disadvantages of electrical driven and fuel driven things. And for me thats is the highest advantage of the vaponic, that you dont have to worry about charged batteries or electirical sources. Just keep your jetflame ready for use and you are good to go. This maximizes the portability of the vaponic to camping/festivals, travels, weekend stays. In general where electrical sources are hard to reach. :D Furthermore it is super stealth, your personal enviroment wont notice the marker pen. So this is why I would say, the vaponic is the most portable vaporizer.

Declan 2013-08-27

Nice vaporizer for beginners. After a learning curve, the combustion rate is really low and it gives nice hits. You wont get big clouds out of it, but it gets you nicely medicated with a low amount of herb. You will also feel the brilliant aromes and tastes of your herbs. Super portable and stealthy. Cleaning is easy. Downside is, that you need to heat the Vaponic quite a lot to get to temperature. So be sure, your torch has always enough butane.

Andreas 2013-07-03

This is my first vaporizer and I'm very content with my first purchase. - Low price - nice practical design - It works as intended, no bullshit - No batteries that make your life miserable If your looking for a portable vape that gets the job done I'd recommend this to you

Vapjong 2013-02-19

I have had bad experience with this product, I much prefer the 'Magic Flight Launch Box'. MFLB is good for only dried herbs

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