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The VaporGenie gently heats your herb so that it releases the flavor compounds, but does not burn. Tar and toxic smoke are greatly reduced. The VaporGenie provides super-smooth vapor. There is no coughing or burning throat. It feels like you are inhaling warm, flavored air.

VaporGenie features

  • The VaporGenie is used with a lighter or match and is completely portable.
  • You can take the VaporGenie anywhere. It fits in your pocket.
  • The VaporGenie is not electronic. It is simple to use and reliable.
  • The VaporGenie is guaranteed against product defects for life.
  • The VaporGenie is a high-quality, durable product that will provide you with many years of satisfying vaporization.

How does the VaporGenie Provide Vaporization?

The VaporGenie relies on a totally unique concept to provide the 'sweet-spot' vaporization temperatures of 107-190 degrees Celsius (225-375 degrees Fahrenheit). The secret to the VaporGenie is the patent-pending flame filter. The flame filter is located above your herb (between the herb and flame). In the pictures, the flame filter is located within the spherical wood part. The flame filter mixes heat from the flame with cold, ambient air. The flame filter is specially designed to mix the flame and cool air and provide vaporization temperatures.

The flame filter is also specially designed to withstand the flame heat for many years. It is made of high-purity silicon carbide, one of the most inert and heat-resistant ceramics known. Silicon carbide is made of only silicon and carbon, in a diamond crystal structure. Silicon carbide does not contain metals and so will not contaminate your vapor or create metallic flavors. The ceramic filter does not burn, fracture, or deteriorate. It will never need replacement.

The wood of the VaporGenie is finely sanded smooth and is sealed with natural a food grade varnish that reveals beautiful wood grain patterns. There are no glues, adhesives other toxic chemicals used in the VaporGenie.

All the metal parts in the VaporGenie are either stainless steel or chrome plated for inertness. The VaporGenie comes with a stainless steel screen and stainless steel bowl.

From mouthtip to the center of the bowl (where the flame enters), the VaporGenie is 13 cm.

The VaporGenie is used in a manner very similar to a conventional pipe. That's what makes it so easy to use.

First, the pipe is loaded with herb, and then the flame filter is screwed onto the pipe. It is important to use loose, shredded herb; do not pack.

Then, you inhale from the pipe while supplying flame to the flame filter. The flame filter automatically protects the herb from burning. You control the exact temperature by adjusting the amount of flame applied and speed of inhalation. It is important to not touch the ceramic filter with the flame.

By paying attention to the flavors and heat inhaled, you know the temperature, and can adjust flame application accordingly. Experienced VaporGenie users can keep the air stream temperature to within a range of about 166 degrees Celsius (330 degrees Fahrenheit). This is sufficient temperature control for vaporization.

Unlike electronic vaporizers, the VaporGenie is as portable as a conventional pipe, is less expensive, requires no heat-up time, and is more reliable. There are no electronic gizmos to break in the VaporGenie.

The VaporGenie is an excellent choice for people just starting out with vaporization, and for people who own an electronic vaporizer, but would like to vaporize away from home.

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VaporGenie Classic Questions

Hebben jullie die 'stenen' en gaasjes van de vaporgenie los in de verkoop!

Beste Cristel, Je vindt de metalen screens voor de VaporGenie hier: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/vaporgenie-classic-screens/ De filters zijn helaas nog niet leverbaar, we doens ons best om die ook aan te kunnen bieden!

Bonjour, Je viens de faire l'acquisition d'une VaporGenieet je me demandais : - Je ne recrache pas de vapeur visible. Est-ce normal ou je m'y prends mal ? - Comment savoir que les herbes ont été complétement valorisées ? Merci

Nous vous conseillons de jouer avec la distance de la flamme et la vitesse d'inhalation pour expérimenter les différences. Les herbes sont vaporisées une fois qu'elles sont marron et qu'il n'y a plus de goût.

Is green the only Colour that I can buy ?….i would like the wooden ones…best wishes

Hi Chris, in the drop down menu you can see which ones are available at the moment. We don't expect to have to have the other ones (that are currently not available) back in stock soon, unfortunately. However, you can request a stock reminder on the top of the page so you will get a notification whenever it's back in stock.

Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir combien de temps peu on inhaler avant que d'herbes soit marron? Merci d'avance

Il depends de plusieurs facteurs: genre et quantité d'herbe, température, fréquence d'inhalation et si l'herbe est bien sèche.

Customer evaluation for "VaporGenie Classic"


I bought this VaporGenie as a gift for my parents. I've been using mine for years now and it's just a great experience and I like to share it. The service at Vaposhop has been excellent and the delivery incredibly fast (less than 48 hours) and I found the package right in front of my door. Which is quite an astonishing feat considering I live in Spain. Overall a great experience and I recommend it.


Excellent vape (my first one) and the delivery was also fast!
Thank you Vaposhop!


My first vape..i think the best start!


This is one of the best vaporizers you can get. They are beautiful,they have nice vibes,they have no electronic,they are easy to pass to your friends,they don't get dirty and if you take care of them you can have them for the rest of your life. What else can you want? I like the most that this vaporizers gives you the experience between smoking and vaporizing and it is so nice.My friends all love this vaporizer and the folks who saw it for the first time are all very excited and they all say good things about it. I'm definitely buying myself another one of this .

A vouch to Vaposhop the vaporizer was delivered very fast,got some nice stickers and a box with peppermint nice company.


My first vape, got it yesterday and I really like it. I read some tutorials and reviews before ordering it, so i found it quite easy to use, and I feel like I'm improving each time. And delivery was pretty fast. I'm really satisfied with both the vendor and the product !


My first vape and it's awesome, you can really taste your herb. Excellent value and fast delivery.


Even light vapor will be visible in the bowl and as you exhale. If you want the vapor to be more dense there are two things you can do: put a little more herbs in the chamber, or leave the herb chamber connected on top of the unit for an extra minute or two before filling the bowl. Sometimes if the vapor is too light it means the chamber didn't have a chance to heat up enough first. Overall this is still my #1 vape and I'm sure you'll love it.


I bought a vaporgenie (maple) few weeks ago.

I really love it , I have a Volcano also but I prefer using my little vaporgenie.. I highly recommend it.

You can trust Vaposhop!



Excellent quality/value.

Very easy, clean and tasty vaporizer. I love it.


I've had one for around a year. When i first got it i thought it was an exellent portable vape. Indoors and out of the wind it is, but because of how long you need to keep the lighter lit it can get frustrating in windy conditions. Except for when its too windy its much better than any combustion pipe.


Fantastic vape! no.1


When I bought this I was sure it was a gimmick, however four days later; only an hour ago, it arrived. I've just vaped some serious hits off it and can say with certainty this is the best pipe style vape money can buy. Spend a few minutes browsing online for tips on how to use it properly and you'll get plenty of tasty high quality vapour out of it.


Cool and as well as working you feel better smoking something which looks like a pipe and not a sci-fi accessory.


Arguably better than the volcano. I've used many different types of vaporizer and the VaporGenie is definitely my favourite. It's tough, easy to use, beautiful to look at, and most importantly gives a good strong concentrated hit of herb. The hit from many other vaporizers is to dilute.

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Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
Adjustable temperature: No
Brand: VaporGenie
Heating technique: Conduction
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds