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Greg 2015-04-16

If you use only high quality butane, you will have no issues with the flame! A butane-filling lasts for about 40-45 minutes (3-6 sessions, depends on your intensity you want) The vape is a little hot, so you have to be a bit careful. But after a few sessions, you will learn how to use this thing right!! I love it, even when the hissing the unit made while heating ("ssssssssh!") is a bit annoying. Every Vapo has it ups and downs, but if you use it right, and use the RIGHT BUTANE(!), i guess this unit will last long.

Martin 2013-01-09

We bought one of these after trying a Vapir vape (very disappointing that was) and overall it's not a bad little unit. The down side though is that you have to re-fuel it with butane, not in itself a major problem but of course you can't carry this vape or a can of butane in hand luggage on a plane as far as I know - and it's a bit of an expensive item to rock up at the airport and then have it refused on to the plane!!! The up side is it delivers a reasonable vape once it's finished heating up, but it is a little bit smoky for me. The down side is the LED which indicates it is running is difficult to see and it continues to cycle even after it has been switched off for quite some time afterwards. Not sure if that is a fault with our unit or not. Finally the mouthpiece can get very hot unless you use the extension pipe provided with it - now I'm a real klutz and lose stuff much to easily so my extension pipe went west long ago!

Arlo 2011-12-27

I tried this portable vaporizer last year in Spain and was very displeased. All this thing did was burn my lips, I hated the experience.

Robert 2010-08-18

This past Monday I ordered this vaporiser and by Wednesday I held it in my hand!!! Awesome!! Works so superb that I find it hard to put down!

Anne 2010-01-31

I bought an Iolite about 4 months ago and I just love it. It's easy to use and really portable, it looks like a walkie talkie or a phone so I have no problem using it anywhere. It's easy to clean and the effect is very clean. Some of my friends can't get used to not having smoke to blow out, but for me it's clean and cough free and I use much less herbs. Enjoy!

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