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Magic-Flight Launch Box Specifications

  • Brand: Magic-Flight
  • Heating technique: Oven based
  • Automatic switch-off: No
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature: No

Magic-Flight Launch Box

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is a small, fast, portable vaporizer that is small enough to hide in your hand. The vaporizer is so fast, quiet and odor free that it can be used in almost any situation, even in windy conditions.

The Launch Box is easy to use: simply load with finely ground materials and insert a charged battery; the nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapor. You can load, use, and reload without having to wait. Start vaporizing in less than ten seconds!

Pictured from left to right: Magic Flight Walnut, Cherry and Maple.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box vaporizer kit includes:

  • Launch Box vaporizer (latest model) Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm
  • 3" Stem
  • Two battery caps (to prevent your batteries from discharging)
  • Two low self discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries (Glyph edition)
  • Compact battery recharger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Black velvet bag

Lifetime warranty

Magic-Flight offers a life time functional warranty on the Magic-Flight Launch Box. This warranty service is handled by the manufacturer. For more information and inquiries, see this page.

MFLB Usage

Slide the Launch Box cover to one side. With the Box open, lightly sprinkle loose material into the groove until level with the two "shoulders" on either side. Fill the groove (trench) only - do not fill the entire bowl.

With the trench loaded and the lid closed, insert the nipple end of a freshly charged battery into the hole and press it all the way in. This will start the vaporization process. If you look down the draw hole while keeping the Box level, you will see the vapor forming.

Once the battery has been firmly inserted, immediately begin to very gently and slowly draw the vapor. Start with a slow draw rate -- imagine that you are gently and delicately sipping tea. Use your sense of taste to judge the quality of the vapor and to get the best draw rate. If you do not detect any vapor, wait a second or two and then try drawing very slowly again.

If at any point you notice the taste is too hot or smoky, remove the battery and start again, this time with an increased draw rate -- this will have the effect of cooling the vapor down.


When you are done, be sure to stop the heat by removing the battery!

Magic-Flight Launch Box customer reviews

Anonymous 2016-12-05

A great personal vaporizer for outgoing people. The design is very good. I used it at home also with the electricity adapter. Great for personal usage.

Ritch 2016-08-19

Great product, A bit of learning and of you go! and very good shop, thanks

Gnarbuckle 2016-03-18

Great product. Worth the investment. Great quality, great finish. Good result when vaping marijuana vs. traditional combustion smoking. Incredibly small and portable and nice stealth factor. Comes in a handy tin will all the right accessories. Fast shipping, well packed and discrete. Recommended. 5/5

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Magic-Flight Launch Box Questions

  • Lotte: 2019-08-01 23:32:15
    Do you guys offer also the bonds bank grinder?
    Yes you can find the finishing grinder from Magic-Flight here: /vaporizer_accessoires/grinders/magic-flight-finishing-grinder-wood/
  • Manoli: 2019-01-06 15:07:08
    Hello. Is it possible to charge only one of the batteries or do they both need to be on the charger? Thank you for the support!!!
    Yes, that is perfectly fine.
  • Pat: 2019-01-02 15:08:29
    Hi there,I was wondering about the battery of the product. Is there a charger for the battery or do I need to buy one in order to charge the box.Thank you
    Hi, this product comes with two batteries and a charger for those batteries.
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