Boundless CFX reviews

Me&myself 2017-05-09

4 stars only since its my first vape and i have no comparison to top of the line products. As my first vaping device i am more then pleased to use this: +very fast warming up and fast charging +good potency and taste (though taste quickly declines, afaik this is the main difference between this and more expensive devices +vibration when the set temperature is reached - the plastic mouthpiece warms up very quickly on 220C (but you can buy water pipe adapters, etc) - the loading bowl is hard to clean the loading bowl screens are small and REALLY GREATLY needs to mod it (with VapeXhale EZ Load Bowls) - non-replacable batteries (you can send it back and have batterries replaced by the company though for 25 bucks... not to cheap considering the price of sending it via post most likely)

Simon 2016-09-22

Extremely smooth and fast device with a long battery life that you can use at every temperature due to the manual temperature control. Has a rather big chamber as well. Can only recommend!

Dante 2016-06-22

Great product: Easy to use, lighting fast warm up, lightweight, very well built. -1 star, cause my herbs get stuck inside the space between the compartment and chassis surface, but nothing the included brush can't clean.

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