Dr. Dabber Light

The slogan 'less heat, more flavour' also goes for this compact counterpart to the original Dr. Dabber Ghost. It packs the same award winning Titanium Technology in a tiny package, delivering big and flavourful hits.

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Dr. Dabber Light

Please note: this product is for use with high quality concentrates and waxy oils only.

Just like its counterpart, the Dr. Dabber Ghost, the all-new Light packs the same award winning low-heat Titanium Technology in a slimmer, stealthier design, providing unmatched flavourful and stealthy vaporization of your waxy oils or concentrates.

Titanium technology

Sharing the same premium (grade 4 titanium) components as it's larger sibling (the Ghost), the Dr. Dabber Light allows for great flavour.

Easy to use 5 click on/off system

Click the battery five times to turn it on and click it five times to turn it off again.This is a very convenient option if you take your Light on the road and do not want to accidentally turn it on.


  • 1 x Lithium-Ion battery with 5 click on/off feature
  • 2 Titanium Light attachments
  • 1 Dab tool
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 3 month warranty card
  • 1 Shatter proof silicone storage ball

Dr. Dabber Ghost accessories are NOT compatible with the Light.

How to use the Dr. Dabber Light

Please note: this product is for use with high quality concentrates and waxy oils only.


  1. Pull top chamber upwards to separate the two connecting chambers of your Light pen
  2. Prepare your product and load your product into the heating chamber of your pen. Use only a very small amount of product.
  3. Once your product is properly loaded push down to reconnect the two chambers


  1. Turn on the Light pen by pressing the button five times
  2. Keep button pressed and gently inhale, while keeping the button pressed for 3-5 seconds
  3. Enjoy!
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  • Gaz:

    I am overall very happy with the product and would give it 4.5. Provides a nice hit when loaded and battery life is good for the size. The only drawback is that it is quite fiddly to load due to the size.

  • SjonRon:

    Fijn pennetje voor mn wax, klein en goede smaak. Vaposhop service ook top!

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  • Andre: 2015-09-30 14:23:51
    Can this be used with dry herbs?
    No, the Dr. Dabber Light can only be used with high quality (full-melt) concentrates.
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