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Firefly 2 + free carrying case reviews

  • koen stehmann:
    Ik wil inderdaad toch ook nog wat kwijt over de firefly 2. heb hem nu ongeveer 4 maanden en ik ben het met de laatste reviews eens,, vaposhop,, super,, maar dit apparaat kan niet wat ik zou willen, mooie volle halen, mooie damp en lang gebruik.... de smaak.. dat is echt het enigste die echt niet normaal lekker is,,, je proeft zoveel, maar meestal in de eerste haal, zonder damp... (die combi zou perfect zijn) slechte ontbranding van de kruiden,, veel roeren,, en heel constant inhaleren( je zou maar astma hebben) of je door een rietje ademt.. concentraten gaan aardig, olie ook maar je moet echt niet teveel erop doen.. batterij is inderdaad ook niet veel soeps... haal de avond nieteens met 2 accus, en dan neem ik echt niet veel,, 0,2 gram zoiets... dus denk voor thuis een goeie verdamper neerknallen ..
  • Scirzo:
    Over Vaposhop niks dan goeds. Laat dat duidelijk zijn. Een betere shop is er niet voor je damp-gerei. De Firefly 2 kreeg ik (zonder enige discussie!) met een leuke korting toen een ander apparaat kapot ging tijdens de garantieperiode. Dat is dus echt top!

    De Firefly 2? Mèh...Medicinaal en microdosing misschien? Niet voor grootverbruikers!!

    -Mooi design
    -Makkelijk schoon te maken
    -geschikt voor kruiden en wax en olie

    -Veel te veel weerstand bij inhaleren
    -Veel te weinig effect voor mijn tolerantiegrens.
    -Zeer zwakke batterij (vandaar het Reserve-exemplaar) meer dan 25 volledige halen haal je echt niet.
    -Temperatuur alleen met een App op je telefoon instelbaar.
    -Elke twee haaltjes verplicht roeren anders raakt de hete lucht niet alle kruiden.
    -Voor wax of olie zijn 3 pads meegeleverd. Die kan je niet schoonmaken (wordt afgeraden) en maar een paar keer hergebruiken. Kaching!

    De Firefly 2 werkt alleen goed na een leercurve. Je moet je kruiden op een bepaalde manier malen, het bakje op een precieze manier vullen, op een specifieke manier en in een specifiek tempo inhaleren. Dat is niks voor mij (en ik denk ook niet voor de meeste andere mensen) Alleen als je OCD hebt is het waarschijnlijk je favoriete damper....Tenzij je een hoge tolerantiegrens hebt. Dan moet je echt ver van dit apparaat vandaan blijven. Dit is een apparaatje voor mensen die af en toe een paar kleine haaltjes willen nemen en niet te veel willen merken.
  • StrikeVengeance:
    This is my first vape and I decided to not waste time and go for the best immediately. The FF2 is a quality built device, well packaged and stylish. Its ideal for a very fast hit and go situation and this is the main reason I got this one. I did my first trial runs with a long time volcano user, but we both had the same impressions. I'll skip to the issues only as those are what you need to live with:

    1.) Immediately I had to upgrade the firmware which required me to also remove the battery to get it to work
    2.) I got no clouds unless I used the "high setting" which also showed visible burn marks
    3.) Despite the unit being "ready" to use, the first draw is really weak, but has the most flavor. You need to hit it at least 2x for it to show any clouds. Once it gets warmed up it starts to become very enjoyable. I'm just not used to not getting clouds.
    4.) On a few occasions I've had to remove the battery it to get the FF2 to work again
    5.) The battery lasts for about 2 well used bowls
    6.) We found ourselves having to stir the bowl nearly every 2nd draw
    7.) Its super expensive and then I also had to pay another CHF 60.- for import duties, it would have been great to choose a shipping value, ouch!
    8.) I wish I could charge the spare battery while I'm using the primary, but that battery must be in the device to charge it
    9.) I can't seem to change the heat profile without using my iPhone which is a bit inconvenient
    10.) I wish there was an accessory to attach this to a bubbler.

    Overall with some practice and understanding its still a great vape and like any new car needs a bit of miles before it drives well. The taste is a completely unique experience on its own.
  • High Guy:
    I love this device. I have three new types of vape this year (FF2, GH and Crafty) and have been a long time Volcano user. The FF2 is by far my favorite overall. The FF2 provides the most enjoyable vaping experience I've had - it's the smoothest, most potent, cool vapor I've ever taken into my lungs. I’ve noticed so many different flavors that I have never experienced before I used the Firefly 2.
  • MJ808:
    Firefly2 has opened my eyes to the world of vaping! The convection heating is wonderful ! Not only is it extremely tasty and smooth but it also doesn't waste material and it heats evenly. Because your breath is what activates the vapor, I feel fully in control. Once you start using this vaporizer, it just keeps getting better and better. One of my favorite things about this vaporizer is how easy it is to load and clean which is much better than other experiences I've had! Takes only a few seconds and is never messy. I love my Firefly2!
  • MindfulVaper:
    Firefly2 rocks my world in so many ways. Finally a vape that is focused on quality! Dynamic convection + glass vapor path = smooth, delicious vapor that is out of this world. Literally have never tasted terpenes like this before - I never knew what I was missing until Firefly came along. For the people having a hard time getting a big draw - the key is to take very long, deep breaths. Or turn up the heat with the new Power Tuning feature which maximizes cloud output. Long story short, this vape just gets better and better the more you use it.
  • Leen:
    We bought in spring 2015 a Firefly 1. It broke down in december 2015. We've got a new one on guarantee. The new one broke down in august 2016. Now we've got a Firefly 2 on guarantee. It works great. But what a great service!!
  • PureMagic:
    This vape is all I ever wanted! Best vapor output, best flavor and built with the very best materials available. It has a small learning curve but not difficult at all! Dynamic convection at its best. Once you've played around with it and master the technique this vape is as if you are using a balloon on the go.

    People, such as Greg, comparing the Firefly 2 to a conduction vape such as the Arizer or Magic Flight products have no idea what they are talking about (sorry I hope I do not offend anyone)
    If you like roasted flavor that lasts 2 draws and lack the skills to master a device go buy something else. You would not compare a car to a bike because both have wheels.

    Firefly 2 is fresh, every pull. Such a clear effect you will never go back to conduction, it's 2016 a revolution has begun.
  • Greg:
    I wish I had a better report.

    The Firefly 2 was of interest to me because of the healthy materials that it is made of. The only others in that class are the Arizer products, and the MFLB.

    The Firefly 2 is weak.

    You have to use it on high, to get medium output.

    You need to open your app on your phone in order for the unit to work at peak strength.

    When you do have the app, make sure get the firmware update, so that it will fix the bugs the unit is shipped with.

    In order to make my Firefly 2 work, you have to (be exact) leave room in the oven, wait until the orange ring turns bright, then draw 15 seconds, hold in for 15 and you will have vapor, mostly from your breathe.

    The battery doesn't last an entire session, at times.

    You have to stir it well, every 5 draws (annoying).

    The battery gets very hot to the point that you have to put it down.

    For all the bother its hard to believe I waited for this vape and spent a lot of money on it.

    I started using my Arizer Air/Solo. Load and put at desired temp, and it keeps going. The battery will last a very long time (1 Hour, and pass through charging on the Air, as well as replaceable battery.) The Air/Solo, MFLB, are much cheaper and do a better job and are effortless/more enjoyable.

    Buyer Beware.

    I wish I had a better report.
  • VapMahnn:
    One of the best vaporizers I ever try, specially in terms of vapor taste, in the quality line of Storz&Bickel products. I was several days in Amsterdam and I did not miss my Volcano and other vaps that I have at home!

    Warning: this vaporizer (majority of that) needs specific technique for the best experience, there is several videos in internet (I recomend the vapecritic video where he explains all about) to see his way of work and how to use and how to prepare it!(really really important, do not put tight the material!!) Do not despair if the first time you use firefly2 you do not get incredible results, look that videos, and after a little practise you will get the best vapour taste, I assure to you.

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