The PAX 2 vaporizer is one of the most popular portable vaporizers of this moment, and for good reason. It is 10% lighter and 25% smaller than the original PAX and packs more advanced-tech in its compact and sleek housing than any other vaporizer.

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The revolutionary PAX 2 is finally available in Europe! Packing power, ease of use and high-tech into a super sleek design, the PAX 2 is a true game-changer. Not only is it 10% lighter and 25% smaller than the first PAX, it features a more powerful battery that allows up to 30 percent more usage time as well as a more efficient heating oven. The PAX 2 also includes motion and lip sensing technologies, creating an impeccable and effortless vaporizing experience.

Highest grade materials

The PAX 2 features only the highest grade materials for the best vapour possible. The polished, transverse-brushed anodized aluminum shell provides a durable yet luxury feel. The vapour path is constructed entirely from medical grade components. All plastic components are heat and food-safe engineering polymers of the highest quality available.

The PAX 2 heating element is made out of thin film Kapton heater flex, creating a conduction experience by heating the herb chamber from the bottom.

Four temperature settings

The PAX 2 has four temperature settings, ranging from 182°C (360F) up to 215°C (420F). The iconic PAX logo LED indicates the temperature setting by colour.

Internal accelerometer

A built-in accelerometer (motion sensor) detects motion to put PAX in standby-mode when not in use to conserve battery life and oven contents. It is also used to check the battery life: simply shake the vaporizer and the LED indicator lights display the current battery status.

Fast heat up time

The PAX 2 heats up in less than a minute. Green means go, simple and intuitive.

Low maintenance

Maintenance is extremely easy and takes less than a minute: simply remove the mouthpiece and oven lid and use one of the included cleaning brushes with some ISO-alcohol (also included) to scrub the airpath.

PAX 2 comes with two mouthpieces, a flat top and a raised mouthpiece. These are made out of solid (food grade) silicon, and therefore require no maintenance.

Battery life & charging

A fully charged battery will last nearly two hours (around 7 to 9 sessions) of use before it needs recharging.

Charging the PAX 2 vaporizer (using the magnetic charger that works with a USB port/charger) takes around two hours. It is recommended to keep the battery charged and frequently recharge before it runs out.

Genuine PAX 2

At VapoShop we only carry original and authentic products, the PAX 2 vaporizer is no exception.

In the box

  • PAX 2 portable vaporizer
  • 1 flat mouthpiece
  • 1 raised mouthpiece
  • charging cradle
  • USB cord
  • 1 cleaning kit (isopropyl alcohol, pipe cleaners)

How to use the PAX 2

For complete usage instructions and tips and tricks, please refer to the official instruction manual. Download it here.

  1. Make sure the PAX 2 is fully charged
  2. Remove the magnetic lid and fill the chamber with ground material. Pack it firmly for optimal vapour performance
  3. Place the oven lid back on the vaporizer
  4. Power on the device with a short press on the button located in the center of the mouthpiece
  5. The PAX 2 will take between 30 and 60 seconds to heat up. While heating, the LED petals will pulse
  6. Once the lights turn green, you can inhale. A gentle, cigar-like draw is best to start
  • To change the temperature, hold down the mouthpiece button for an extended press when the device is on. The LED petals will change from green to yellow, orange or red.
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  • Brand: PAX Labs Inc.
  • Automatic switch-off: Yes
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Heat-up time: 0-1 min
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh


  • xoxe:

    Got exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. 5 star product (PAX 2) and 5 stars to Vaposhop, no complaints whatsoever about them. Excellent service, won't hesitate to do buissness with them again in the future.

  • emjay:

    What an amazing little machine. Perfect for bringing with you. Small and inconspicuous. Packs more than enough herb for one person (I'm a frequent user), but if you plan to vape together with more than one buddy I would go for another vape. Love the design, looks so good. The LED's and motion sencing is nice, but I don't care much for the different "party modes". On a full charge i usually get 6-7 sessions. I highly recommend this vape. Thank you vaposhop

  • avcd:

    I was really impressed by the efficiency of this website, I had initially some problems with the colours of the vape since there weren't available both the black and the silver. However since I had to wait 1 week for the colour details, my vape arrived within 2 days. I am very happy with my PAX 2, it is very resistant and perhaps discrete as well! Thanks Vaposhop :)

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  • Tom: 2016-11-04 16:41:07
    Hi, Should I register my new PAX2 for the 10 years warranty or keeping the invoice is enough? thx
    Hi Tom, just keeping the invoice will suffice - but of course you are free to register your device as well.
  • Alessia: 2016-05-17 17:30:55
    Hello! How many years does the battery last (since the warranty is just for 2 years)? Just in case, is it possible to change just the battery or I have to buy a new device? Thank you
    Hello Alessia, PAX 2's Lithium Ion (non-replaceable) battery is good for up to 500 charge cycles before normal battery degradation can be expected. Once battery degradation is determined, a discount provided for a new device is 50% off retail price through PAX Labs.
  • Avi Cohen: 2016-05-15 16:41:46
    Dear all I wish to know if you have official store in Rotterdam ? I gonna visit there next month . Also if I purchase the pax2 from this website , can you deliver to Israel ?
    Hello Avi, we currently do not have any physical stores. We can delivery to Israel, but it is best to shoot us an email first.
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