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A Vapbong is...

Healthy and pleasant

With a Vapbong you'll be able to extract plant substances by a stream of hot air, without combustion. The vapour you inhale contains everything a plant can offer, but you avoid exposing yourself and others to toxic combustion, by-products and odours. A Vapbong extracts a higher level of substances than any normal pipe, that's why it pays for itself very fast.

Maximum Quality

True for vaporization and fabrication! The unique and patented construction of the device guarantees that the vapours are cooled down before they reach your mouth. Laboratory glass (Borosilicate 3.3), high quality silicone and filters (made of brass) assure a long durability, easy cleaning and hygiene. Most of the Vapbong is handmade and every single inhalator is checked for its quality and that it has been manufactured to perfection before being sold.

Useful, easy to use and fast!

Vapbongs are small, they fit in nearly every pocket and are sold at a reasonable price. Vaporize wherever and whenever you want and enjoy a vapour quality that usually only bigger and much more expensive domestic devices can achieve. What’s more, is that your Vapbong is protected against damage and annoying questions by a case which seems to be just a normal marker.


darkillas 2012-09-02

Great product. Very portable and discrete. Simple system which is very practical. Basically once you load it you can carry it, smoke it and you do not need to worry abut disposals or smell or any necessary manipulation on public. Only "proof" is coming out of your mouth (you can still point it :-) and it`s barely smellable. Everything else stays sealed within Vapbong as a marker ;-) Best description of taste would be a CLEAN taste (if you won`t heat it for too long to start burning - than it tastes like a burned corn :-) which is not harassing your lungs. It`s nearly smokeless (transparent at the start). The problem is people doze not have the patience to learn how to properly use this product. You have to adjust the time of heating periods to do not burn the stuff but get something out of it. Jet lighter is a must. Otherwise heating times doubles. IT takes a small doses but the effectiveness may be 100% because nothing is burning and everything stays in the vapbong till you deplete it. So its up to the user. Not cheap but very practical and well worth the money consider the prices of other vaporizers in hundreds of $. I used it now for over a 5 years and could recommend it. I broke the inner pipe and get the replacement fast from Vapbong too.

Bill 2012-08-05

Awesome product. I'd recommend it. You can manage to get the best out of your herbs with it. 100% clean taste. Top quality glass. It's been 3 years i am using mine, it's still in perfect condition. People bad mouthing this awesome vaporizer don't know how to use it. Only downline it's it does look really weird to use in public ^^

Daniel 2012-04-26

I've bought this vaporizer and I regret it. It smells terrible, cleaning is terrbile, etc. Don't wasteyour money for this cheap Vapbong. I would buy the Vapman which is also on this site. There the comparision between costs and and effect is much more better...

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Vapbongs are small, they fit in nearly every pocket so you can vaporize wherever and whenever you want and enjoy a vapour quality that usually only bigger and much more expensive domestic devices can achieve.

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