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The Vaporstar is very easy to use. A butane gas flame is drawn through the Vaporstar using he power of the lungs, which heats up a small steel star contained within the extraction chamber. From the star sixteen points of heat surround and penetrate the herb, driving the temperature upwards until vapor is seen in the glassware.

When the vapour fills the pipe the flame is then removed and inhalation continues until cold air is drawn into the Vaporstar. The temperature quickly drops below vaporization point and the device 'switches off'.

With the Vaporstar heat control is easy and naturally adaptable to whatever is put in it. It will fit any small glass pipe for tabletop use (separately available), and fits a 14.5 mm fitting or the 10 mm rubber collar fitting.


Venci Markov 2012-05-30

It's quite easy to use both with flame and torch lighter, but use torch cause is way faster. Bakes perfectly just dont forget to stir a bit from time to time.

Jenseits von gut & böse 2012-04-13

Very nice Tool ! For this Price is it the best choice you can do. Please use it with a Jet-Flame Lighter.Its better.

User 2009-08-10

It needs a bit of practice not to burn the material, but it works nice with some experience.

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With the Vaporstar you can easily turn your glass water pipe into a high quality vaporizer. Vapour in three seconds, twelve inhalations from each bowl, and no need to plug in.

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