WISPR reviews

johan 2014-07-16

I had the original iolite. I had to use several weeks before i got comfotable with its use. The WISPR on the other hand is a vast improvement over the iolite. I am really happy with it, do not smoke my herbs mixed with cigarette tobacco anymore, I just vamp the medicinal herbs. Discrete and a joy to use it...

fred 2013-01-22

I bought this thing based on the retailers personal opinion of how good a device this wispr is and my retailer raved about how wonderful it works and all this great stuff. Come to find out I have yet to get this thing to work even just one time! This product never worked for me at all. First off it was very hard to even get the gas to fill in the chamber for it to ignite. Then finally I sat there and watched this wispr do its thing and it turned on and made all sorts of noise but no vapor and no smoke, nothing at all. I am very disappointed with this very expensive crap that I cant even return.

H P Gross 2012-04-16

The ignition is ridiculous on this thing. How could something that cost over $250 come with such cheap manufacturing. Not worth the money, just because the device is flimsy and will break down on you. I've had it barely two months and have come so close to just smashing it out of frustration numerous times.

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