Vertigo Venom 3 flame torch lighter

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Vertigo Venom 3 flame torch lighter

The Vertigo Venom is a powerful lighter with three wind resistant torch flames. This butane-powered lighter is a perfect choice for heating up flame-powered vaporizers, such as the VapCap, the VaporGenie and the Sticky Brick vaporizers. The intensity of the flame can be adjusted with the built-in flame adjuster. The tank can be refilled through the receptacle at the bottom.


  • Three wind resistant, adjustable torch flames
  • Clear fuel tank
  • Refillable
  • Size: 3.25 x 1.375 x .875 inch

Vertigo Venom 3 flame torch lighter customer reviews

TheTenthMan 2020-05-26

It broke way too quickly. Very disappointed.

Georgios 2019-12-12

Πολυ καλος!

Zedok 2019-01-22

Never buy this lighter! i bought it in june and since that time vaposhop changed it 3 time with warranty because it broke! this lighter is super sensitive! i tried three different pieces and the all broke! thanks vaposhop for the amazing aftersales service

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