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The best desktop vaporizers to use at home!

Are you looking for a desktop vaporizer? VapoShop offers a vast selection of desktop vaporizers, also known as home-, table- or table-top vaporizers.


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Volcano Hybrid - Onyx edition
Volcano Hybrid - Onyx edition Sale price€499.00 Regular price€598.00
Save 38%
Arizer - XQ2
Arizer - XQ2 Sale price€199.00 Regular price€319.00
Save 20%
Volcano vaporizer Classic
Volcano vaporizer Classic Sale price€318.00 Regular price€398.00
Save 20%
Volcano Classic - Onyx edition
Volcano Classic - Onyx edition Sale price€318.00 Regular price€398.00
Save 30%
Arizer - V-Tower
Arizer - V-Tower Sale price€109.00 Regular price€154.99
Save 17%
Volcano Hybrid
Volcano Hybrid Sale price€499.00 Regular price€598.00
Save 20%
Volcano vaporizer Classic UK
Volcano vaporizer Classic UK Sale price€318.00 Regular price€398.00
Save 12%
Arizer - Extreme Q
Arizer - Extreme Q Sale price€149.00 Regular price€169.00
Save 20%
Plenty Sale price€199.00 Regular price€248.00
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Storz & Bickel Plenty desktop Vaporizer  for dry herbs
Plenty UK Sale price€199.00 Regular price€248.00
Save 17%
Volcano Hybrid UK
Volcano Hybrid UK Sale price€499.00 Regular price€598.00
Sold out
Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic - Peace Edition
Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic - Peace Edition Sale price€318.00 Regular price€498.00
Sold out
Stündenglass Gravity Hookah
Stündenglass Gravity Hookah Sale price€429.00 Regular price€599.95
Sold out
Volcano Classic Gold 20 Year Special Edition
Volcano Classic Gold 20 Year Special Edition Sale price€318.00 Regular price€498.00

Desktop vaporizers produce better vapour

Desktop vaporizers are plugged into your wall. Thanks to the connection to the electricity network, desktop vaporizers are able to produce better vapour. A desktop vaporizer has more power to heat up your herbs or concentrates, and it comes with a much bigger bowl. If you’re a dedicated vape-enthusiast with a strong appetite, your home really isn’t complete without a desktop vaporizer. At VapoShop, we offer desktop vaporizers for less than 150 €, such as the Arizer V-Tower, up to the more pricey but also extremely popular Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve, which comes in at 598 €.

Better vapour equals bigger impact
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the better vapour produced by desktop vaporizers has a bigger impact. Thanks to the stronger power-output, your herbs and concentrates and the larger bowl they find themselves in, are heated up more vigorously. The impact of your draws will be much stronger with a desktop vaporizer, compared to the effect of your portable vaporizer. At VapoShop, we are particularly impressed by the impact of de Verdampers, both the original Verdamper as well as de Verdamper Reiziger.

Desktop vaporizers offer instant usage
Dedicated vape-lovers will know the feeling of having the urge to vape, only to discover your battery is running low. This is something you never have to worry about when you have a good desktop vaporizer at home. Your desktop vaporizer is always ready-to-go when you are! At VapoShop, the Volcano Hybrid Easy Valve is our most-trusted option when looking for almost-instant satisfaction, as the Hybrid will be ready for use in 40 seconds.

Highly suitable for entertaining bigger groups
Groups who vape together, stay together. Imagine having a group of friends over who are all vape-enthusiasts. A desktop vaporizer is much better suited to bigger groups than any portable vaporizer could ever be. As mentioned above, desktop vaporizers come with a much bigger bowl than portable vaporizers. This means your friends can all take a toke. No batteries will die during your session. Afterwards, your friends will all compliment you on being such an excellent host.

A desktop vaporizer is a thing of beauty
Any dedicated vape-enthusiast should have a desktop vaporizer at home. We mentioned this earlier from a more practical point of view, but if you’re big on vaping, desktop vaporizers also make for a nice home decoration. One could argue that desktop vaporizers like De Verdamper or the Herborizer Sphere XL are works of glass art. Other desktop vaporizers such as the Sticky Brick OG or Sticky Brick Hydro Brick Maxx, or the Arizer models like the Arizer Extreme Q and Arizer V-Tower will surely get a lot of conversations going. You won’t only be complimented for being such an excellent host, but also for having such great taste when it comes to interior design and style.