PAX vaporizers


The Beauty of Vaping

PAX set the standard for dual-use vaping. Smart simplicity presents a combination which vaping enthusiasts can't resist.

The PAX 3 handles herb and concentrates in an effective way.


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PAX Plus vaporizer
PAX Plus vaporizer Sale price€239.00 Regular price€249.00
Pax Mini Vaporizer
Pax Mini Vaporizer Sale price€149.00
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PAX 2 Sale price€99.00 Regular price€149.00
Save 17%
PAX 3 - Device Only
PAX 3 - Device Only Sale price€165.00 Regular price€199.00
Save 28%
PAX 3 - Complete Kit
PAX 3 - Complete Kit Sale price€179.00 Regular price€249.95
PAX 2 / 3 flat mouthpiece (2 pack)
PAX 2 loading tool (New Vape)
PAX 2/3 Pusher
PAX 2/3 Pusher Sale price€22.50
PAX 3 concentrate insert lid & o-rings
PAX 2/3 multi-tool
PAX - metal Tray
PAX - metal Tray Sale price€14.99
Sold out
PAX 2 Oven Lid 2.0
Sold out
PAX 2/3 charging cradle
Sold out
PAX 2/3 Half Pack Oven Lid
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PAX 2/3 oven lid
PAX 2/3 oven lid Sale price€12.50
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PAX 2/3 mini-charger
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PAX 2/3 Maintenance Kit
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PAX 2/3 screens (3 pack)
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