Why use a vaporizer with a water pipe?

Why use a vaporizer with a water pipe?

An introduction to Bongs  

Water pipes, bongs and other filtration devices have been used to consume herbs for so long that we don't really know when or where they were invented. Some of the oldest water pipes date back to the 16th century, and bongs are thought to have been invented in China during the late Ming Dynasty. The term "bong" comes from the Thai word “buang,” which specifically referred to the bamboo bongs that were common in Central Asia.  

It is also believed that water pipes - and specifically hookahs - were invented by the Mughal physician Hakim Abul Fath during the reign of Emperor Akbar. It is believed that he invented the water pipe to counteract the harmful effects of tobacco, which had just been discovered at that time.  

Recent excavations also show that the tribal chiefs of the Iranian-Eurasian Scyth tribe once smoked out of golden bongs about 2400 years ago, and some other bongs were found in an Ethiopian cave and were dated between 1100 and 1400 CE. It is not clear if it was used with water, but we are pretty sure it was used for hemp.  


Vaping through water: a long-standing love story  

Water pipes have been around for so long that we don't remember when – nor where – it has been invented, but vaporizers are very fresh in the world of dry herbs consumption.Well, commonly available vaporizers anyway. Egyptians may have been experiencing vaporizing with hemp seeds at some point in history, but enough archaeology.  

Herb vaporizers as we know them today have been developed in the early 90s by pioneers Eagle Bill, Ben Dronker, and Evert "Verdamper" (literally means "vaporizer" in Dutch). And you know what? The earliest vaporizers were already including a water pipe! From Eagle Bill's heat gun activated device to the Verdamper, the vaporizer pioneers were actually vape bongs.  

But wait! What is a Vape Bong?  

A bong is a bong! "Vape bongs" simply refer to water pipes used with a vaporizer instead of the classic combustion bowls. So, the only real difference is that they're way cleaner and don't stink tar and other combustion by-products. But that's because of how you use it, and not because of a different function, purpose or design.  

Now let's see what you can get from these vape bongs.  

The benefits of filtering your vapour through water  

As stated earlier, bongs and water pipes originated from the will of counteracting harmful side effects of consuming smoke. So when it comes to combining a vaporizer with a water filtration device, you might wonder what the point of it is.  

There are actually several reasons why you would want to filter your vapour with a vape bong, and these are intimately linked to the perceived cons of vaping:  


  • Filtering micro particles that pass through the screen  

If vaping produces way less by-products than combustion (if any), you should still expect to inhale some micro particles of plant material. Some tiny pieces of your herbs are small enough to pass through the filter or screen of your vaporizer.   

Adding a water piece to your vapour path will add an extra filtration process as the water will trap the very small (and light) particles of plant material, keeping them out of your respiratory tract.  


  • Cooling down the vapour for a more comfortable temperature to inhale  

Some people find the vapour produced by thermal extraction devices too hot for their comfort, which usually results in unpleasant draws and a poor experience. Adding a body of water to the experience will drastically reduce the temperature of the vapour, making it easier and more satisfying to inhale.  


  • Moistening the vapour for a smoother, less harsh experience  

Vapour can be perceived as harsh, which definitely has to do with its temperature, but not only: the vapour you inhale from a vaporizer is also much dryer than normal air.This dry air can irritate your throat and airways, so here's another good reason to use a vape bong.  


How to best experience your vaporizer with a water pipe  

  • Get familiar: know your tools  

The first step towards a successful bong vaping experience is, of course, to know your gear. Can your vaporizer be easily combined to a water pipe? Is an accessory such as a WPA (Water Pipe Adapter) needed and included in the box? If yes, which joint size can it fit? Can you make the airflow a bit more restricted without ruining your vaping experience?  

  • Experiment  

Do you suffer from a very serious Vape Acquisition Syndrome? You already have bongs and other water pipes at home? Your closet is full of vaporizers and accessories? Well, you're not alone! We, thermal extraction enthusiasts, are known for loving our vaping tools. The good thing is that allows you to experiment different setups and combinations. And since we all are different, it's important to try what works best for YOU.  

So dive in your vape, paraphernalia and glass collection and get busy! If you don't own a vape-to-bong setup yet, don't worry, here's a list of combinations we tried for you:  


Examples of vapebong setups and our team's favourites  


  •  VapCap– K. Haring Rig  

DynaVap VapCaps already do a great job at cooling down the vapour, even though their air path is not that long. The full metal design really helps with it, but you can always use some extra cooling.Good thing is most DynaVap are now directly waterpipe compatible thanks to their tapered mouthpiece.   

If the M is already a great choice to start bong vaping, the VonG is literally designed for it. VonG stands for "Vape on Glass" after all. It perfectly fits any 10 or 14mm female joints, against only 10mm for the M 

Buy a Dynavap Buy a K.Haring Bong


  • DaVinci IQC / IQ2– K. Haring Rig  

DaVinci portable vaporizers are a staple when it comes to vaping through water. Their extended mouthpiece fits any 10mm joints and a 10-to-14mm adapter is available to widen their compatibility to most water pipes and rigs.  

DaVinci Smart Paths are a great reason to try vaping through water: Start slow with some dry hits to enjoy the first (and most volatile) terpenes of your herbs.Then, combine your vape to a water pipe as soon as you feel the vapour getting too harsh for your comfort. This is a great way to enjoy a full Smart Path session.  

Buy a Davinci vaporizer Buy a K.Haring Bong



  • G Pen Connect – Stündenglass  

The Stündenglass is a true party device. Just place it in the middleof your living room and watch your friends go crazy.You can easily and safely share it thanks to its gravity function pushing the air through the mouthpiece, allowing you to inhale the vapour without any contact with the device.  

If you can use it with pretty much any vaporizer, we suggest you try it with a dense vapour producing powerhouse such as a G Pen Connect. It's a party vape after-all, make it impressive.   

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  • AUTHOR'S FAVOURITE: Mighty+ – Marley Natural Water Pipe  

The Mighty by Storz & Bickel is an all-time favourite by many, including our team of vaporizer experts. This is a great device when it comes to battery life and performance, and you can get massive hits of tasty vapour from it. One of the only downsides of this beast is that the vapour can get pretty harsh. Combine it to a bong though, and it's a whole other story.  

This setup rips like no other, so buckle up and get ready for some massive clouds.  

Buy a Mighty+ Buy a Marley Bong


By Antoine M : I discovered vaporizers with a Volcano Classic during my first visit to Amsterdam, 10 years ago. I bought my first vape (a Magic Flight Launch Box) shortly after and have been vaping ever since. I never leave home without a Mighty or a VapCap in my pocket. 

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