Portable vaporizer

Portable vaporizers

With a portable vaporizer you can toke discreetly while you’re out and about, enjoy your favourite herbs and concentrates when you’re travelling or share your finest herbs with friends at a party.


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Mighty +
Mighty + Sale price€299.00 Regular price€398.00
Save 4%
PAX Plus vaporizer
PAX Plus vaporizer Sale price€239.00 Regular price€249.00
Pax Mini Vaporizer
Pax Mini Vaporizer Sale price€149.00
Save 25%
Boundless - Vexil
Boundless - Vexil Sale price€89.99 Regular price€119.99
Save 31%
Mighty Sale price€239.00 Regular price€348.00
Save 17%
DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer
DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer Sale price€249.00 Regular price€299.95
Save 28%
PAX 3 - Complete Kit
PAX 3 - Complete Kit Sale price€179.00 Regular price€249.95
Save 4%
Firefly 2+
Firefly 2+ Sale price€249.00 Regular price€259.00
Save 27%
Boundless CFX
Boundless CFX Sale price€109.00 Regular price€149.00
Smono Sunshine Portable Vaporizer
DaVinci IQC
DaVinci IQC Sale price€199.95
Save 17%
PAX 3 - Device Only
PAX 3 - Device Only Sale price€165.00 Regular price€199.00
Save 32%
Air MAX Sale price€219.00 Regular price€319.99
Save 31%
Mighty UK version
Mighty UK version Sale price€239.00 Regular price€348.00
Smono 4 Portable Vaporizer
DaVinci Miqro-C
DaVinci Miqro-C Sale price€119.00
Save 26%
Boundless CFX+
Boundless CFX+ Sale price€139.00 Regular price€189.00
Save 34%
PAX 2 Sale price€99.00 Regular price€149.00
Smono 70's Dry Herb Vaporizer
Smono 3 Portable Vaporizer
Smono 3 Portable Vaporizer Sale price€109.00
Smono Start Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer
DaVinci MIQRO Device
DaVinci MIQRO Device Sale price€129.95
On sale
Arizer Solo II
Arizer Solo II Sale priceFrom €109.00 Regular price€189.00
Save 32%
Arizer Go (ArGo)
Arizer Go (ArGo) Sale price€129.00 Regular price€189.00