A Full Test and Review of the VENTY Vaporizer by VapoShop

A Full Test and Review of the VENTY Vaporizer by VapoShop

Storz & Bickel stands as one of the most renowned vaporizer brands in the industry, likely recognized for their iconic VOLCANO desktop vaporizer and the highly acclaimed MIGHTY portable device. With a legacy spanning decades, this German brand has consistently led the way in dry herb vaporizers, prioritizing premium quality and adherence to medical standards. 

In October 2023, Storz & Bickel introduced their latest offering in a captivating keynote: the VENTY portable vaporizer. Presented by none other than Jürgen Bickel himself in a 12-minute video, the device showcased new features such as an innovative heating element, adjustable airflow, and rapid heat-up time. On paper, the VENTY appears to be a strong contender for the title of best vaporizer of the year, sparking anticipation for its performance. Now in possession of a unit, let's delve into our VENTY test and review. 



With the VENTY, Storz & Bickel promise two key features: a 20-seconds heat up time, and an unprecedented airflow of 20 litres per minute. This marks double the speed of the Mighty+ and airflow, a claim that almost sounds too good to be true. Can the new convection and conduction mini-heater truly deliver on these promises? And will such power lead to twice the battery drain? Let's explore the VENTY's performance to uncover the truth. 


LOOK AND FEEL – 3.5/5 

The VENTY looks and feels like a typical Storz & Bickel vaporizer, with both good and not-so-good aspects. Just like other S&B vapes, it feels solid and well-made, with a simple design that's easy to understand. The screen only shows battery life and temperature, with no useless overwhelming information. 

But, like other S&B vapes, it's not exactly eye-catching. It sticks to the classic black PEEK plastic with orange details, like the CRAFTY and MIGHTY, but it's taller and thinner. Some people even say it looks like a walkie-talkie, which kind of fits its design. It's not as sleek as a PAX or as unique as a Tiny Might. Instead, it's a sturdy, no-frills device, typical of German engineering. 

 Venty vaporizer on a tray


Here's an aspect where Storz & Bickel excels. The manufacturing quality of the VENTY is on par with S&B dedication towards premium quality, as you could expect. The PEEK plastic body is very solid, and the cooling unit fits firmly on the device, fully sealing the heating chamber. The cooling unit is a bit different that the one from the MIGHTY but works the same way, cooling down and filtering the vapour through an elongated airpath.  

The warranty is standard for a vaporizer in Europe and comprises 2 years. It can be extended to 3 years upon registration. Storz & Bickel have a great internal warranty process, and they even proactively requested to owners of the first batch of VENTY to proceed with a replacement process because of 1% of the devices getting the E04 error. These units have been bricked remotely and all owners received a replacement.  



This is where it's getting really interesting. Storz & Bickel didn't oversell the VENTY, and it offers the fast heat-up and fully adjustable airflow they promised. The airflow adjusting wheel on the cooling unit allows you to choose anything between a very tight draw resistance, like a closed VapCap, to a fully open airflow with virtually no resistance. This is possible thanks to a wider mouthpiece than the Mighty and Crafty, and a fully redesigned heating chamber with more air intakes.  

You can adjust the temperature anywhere between 40 and 210°C, and in my test, the heating chamber reached 200°C in just 19 seconds. The VENTY features two quick boost modes that you can customize through the web app, enabling you to raise the temperature by a specified increment (defaulting to 15°C).  



Now, onto the main event: the vaping experience with the VENTY. This device delivers exceptional results and more. With its fully adjustable airflow feature, you can customise the draw resistance to your liking. Plus, its intelligent and precise flowmeter adjusts the heating element power according to your draw, ensuring a full vapour experience regardless of how you inhale. This feature is groundbreaking in my experience, as most vaporisers typically require a specific inhalation technique to achieve optimal results. 

The vapour produced is not only smooth and flavoursome but also capable of generating massive clouds consistently with a single bowl. The heater efficiently extracts the essence from dry herbs, allowing you to savour the flavours for extended periods. Surprisingly, I found that even at higher temperatures, I could enjoy richer flavours and produce more vapour with a single bowl compared to the MIGHTY+, which boasts the same bowl size. 

While there isn't a Water Pipe Adapter available for the VENTY yet, it's relatively simple to pair it with a water pipe. I removed the mouthpiece and connected a VOLCANO HYBRID tube directly in its place. From there, it's easy to attach this tube to any WPA or directly to a water pipe using a small connector. In this setup, the VENTY performs exceptionally well at high temperatures, delivering copious amounts of flavoursome vapour. 


BATTERY – 4.5/5 

The VENTY boasts an impressive battery life, considering its robust features and the power needed to deliver such performance. Equipped with 2 lithium-ion 18650 non-replaceable batteries, capable of generating 130 watts and 16 amps, it outshines other powerhouses like the Mighty+, which peaks at 40 watts. 

In my experience, a single charge of the VENTY lasts through approximately 12 full bowls, equivalent to about 3 grams of dry herbs. This surpasses the capacity of the Mighty+ and other portable vaporizers currently on the market. 

The only drawback concerning the VENTY's battery is that its batteries are non-replaceable. However, this is expected with a Storz & Bickel vaporizer, as it is a requirement for medical certification. 



The VENTY vaporizer by Storz & Bickel stands as a powerhouse in the realm of portable vaporizers, setting new standards for performance and innovation. With its rapid heat-up time, adjustable airflow, and exceptional battery life, the VENTY delivers an unparalleled vaping experience.  

Storz & Bickel's dedication to premium quality and adherence to medical standards is evident in every aspect of the device, from its solid manufacturing to its user-friendly features. While the non-replaceable battery may be seen as a drawback for some, it's a necessary compromise to meet the stringent requirements for medical certification.  

Overall, the VENTY represents a remarkable achievement in vaporizer technology and solidifies Storz & Bickel's position as a leader in the industry. 

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