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The Gpen Micro+ is the newest innovation in portable concentrate vaping by Grenco Science. Succeeding the famous microG, the Micro+ brings new and improved features to the concentrate vape pen game.

G Pen Micro+ - Proud successor of the microG™

Grenco Science is most famous for its portable concentrate vaporizers, particularly for its line of vape pens with the original G Pen, and later the microG.

When the microG was released, it was arguably one of the best and most innovative portable concentrate vape. It's no surprise Grenco Science released a new and improved version with the Micro +.

The main objective of this type of vaporizer is to be portable and easy to use. With a sleek compact size and single button operation, Grenco definitely achieved that. To use the microG you just had to turn it on, fill it with your favourite concentrates or essential oils, press the button and enjoy.

Thanks to all the research and innovations from recent years, the microG became obsolete. Grenco Science decided to give it a successor with the Micro+. The Micro+ still meets the core objective of being portable and easy to use, while improving all its components.

Vapour Path - Improved from the tank to the mouthpiece

The Micro+ mouthpiece features a food-grade silicone sleeve for a clean and comfortable draw. The separate internal ceramic air-path makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The tank's dual-channel air-path with quartz liner ensures maximum insulation and cool vapour.

The vapour path combined with the new tank ??allows for optimal flavour profiles on every heat setting, and balanced airflow for maximum vapour production.

Heating element - From old-school to modern

The old-school coil atomizer has been replaced by a coilless heating chamber with a full ceramic heating plate. This allows for more transparent and better flavours of your extracts, as well as more accurate and consistent heating. This improvement also makes the Micro+ compatible with thicker concentrates and wax.

Battery - The core part of a vape pen

The 850 mAh battery of the Gpen Micro+ now features 3 temperature settings, making it much more comfortable to vape. You can choose different temperatures depending on your vaping style: whether you are a flavour chaser or a cloud lover, you can get what you want from the Micro +.

The battery is also equipped with a USB-C charging port, allowing you to fully charge it in as little as 90 minutes. Its new pass-through charging lets you use the device while it's charging if you can't wait ""that long"".

But the main innovation of this new battery lies in its unique smart chip technology. This provides controlled and consistent heat application that will not burn or overheat your precious concentrates, as well as new Cartridge Recognition Technology.

G Pen Micro+ - Best new features

Cartridge Recognition Technology - 510-Cartridge Compatibility at its finest

As mentioned above, the Micro+ battery features ""Cartridge Recognition Technology''. Not only is the battery compatible with both the Micro+ tank and conventional 510 cartridges, but it also recognises and adapts between the two.

This allows for distinct power outputs, resulting in an optimal vaporization experience no matter the attachment used. This feature makes it possible to enjoy your own concentrates or pre-filled cartridges with the same vapour quality, for a consistent experience.

Heating modes - Manual or Session

It might not seem that big of a deal, but having different heating options on a vaporizer is key to having different experiences. The manual mode offers on-demand vapour, and it will heat as long as you keep pressing the button. This means you can control your session and don't have to consume all of your precious material in one go.

The session mode is ideal for sharing, or for those who love big full hits of their extracts. As soon as it's activated, the vaporizer will start heating and will keep going for a set period of time.

For both heating methods, the LED of the Micro+ will flash during heat-up and turn solid once the set temperature is reached. Active heating will continue for a maximum duration of 10 seconds after that point.

How to use:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the Micro+
  2. Screw your Micro+ Tank or pre-filled 510-cartridge into the battery
  3. If using the Micro+ Tank, fill it with your favourite concentrate or essential oils
  4. Reattach the mouthpiece onto the battery
  5. Turn on the Gpen Micro+ by pressing the power button five times
  6. If necessary, change the temperature setting by pressing the button 3 times
  7. Manual heating: once the battery is on, press and hold the button, then draw
    Automatic heating: press the button twice to activate session heating
  8. To turn off the device, click the control button five times again

What's in the box:


  • 1x G Pen Micro+ battery (Variable Voltage + 510 Threading)
  • 1x G Pen Micro+ tank
  • 1x G Pen Micro+ mouthpiece assembly (silicone mouthpiece + tank cover)
  • 1x G Pen keychain tool
  • 1x USB To USB-C charging cable
  • 1x hemp travel case


If you're looking for a portable vape pen as a daily driver to consume concentrates, or a first concentrate vaporizer, the Micro+ is definitely a great choice. It's a very user-friendly device and its sleek and discreet design makes it convenient to carry and use on the go.

If you want something with included water filtration or easy bong compatibility, check the other G Pens by Grenco Science to discover more options, both for dry herbs and concentrates.

Also available in Cookies, Dr Greenthumb's and Lemonnade editions.

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Automatic switch-off: No
Delivery method: Direct draw
Adjustable temperature: Yes
Portable / Desktop: Portable
Heat-up time: 0-10 seconds
Warranty: 2 years
Compatibility: Concentrates only
Pass-through charging: Yes
Replaceable battery: Yes
Brand: Grenco Science (G Pen)
Battery: 850 mAh