Boundless CFC LITE Review

Boundless CFC LITE Review

Boundless CFC LITE - User friendliness

Intuitive controls

One button features prominently on the CFC LITE and controls the works: cycling through the temperature settings, turning the device on and off and battery checks. An indicator light on the side of the device tells you whether the device is warming up (blinking) or has reached the desired temperature (steady). Also, haptic feedback lets you know if your device is hot enough to start vaping. Indicator lights at the front will let you know how your battery is holding up while you’re vaping. When you’re no longer vaping, the device will deactivate automatically after a few minutes. Everything about this vape is crystal clear and there’s no learning curve whatsoever.

Impressive chamber size

Even though the vape’s size would suggest otherwise, the ceramic chamber is large enough to hold 0.4 grams of herbs. The removable stainless steel chamber screen doesn’t fit snugly in the chamber’s grooves and has a tendency to get lost in your ashtray when scooping out your herbs. We get why this vape comes with 5 additional chamber screens. The CFC LITE is not compatible with concentrates.


Boundless CFC LITE - Performance

Heats up in the blink of an eye

The Boundless CFC LITE may be small but heats up like a big boy. Holding the power button for three seconds will take you to the next temperature level in under 40 seconds. The vaporizer only has three preset temperature settings which cannot be adjusted. At 196℃ the lowest (blue) temperature level is a bit high for our taste. The mid-level setting (green) is at 206℃ and the vape maxes out at 216℃. The CFC Lite is aiming high and this results in a mouthpiece that will heat your lips in a way that is not entirely pleasant.

Thick clouds

The upside of the rather high temperature range is that the vape tends to produce satisfying clouds of vapour that do not taste bad at all. No plasticky taste or harsh vapour here.

Little beast

The Boundless CFC LITE does not strain its removable 18350 battery too much. A fully charged battery will last you 5 to 6 satisfying vaping sessions. The battery is small enough to keep an extra one in your pocket if you’re one the move. It takes about an hour to fully charge.

Boundless CFC LITE - Build quality

Stealthy and solid

The CFC LITE may be small but you can tell the good people from Boundless didn’t skimp on build quality: the finish at the seams is indicative of a well-designed and well-manufactured device. The mouthpiece and battery compartment connect with the CFC LITE’s main body with a reassuring click. According to Boundless, all materials exposed to heat are of a medical grade.

Boundless CFC LITE -  Maintenance, cleaning and accessories

The device comes with an abundance of mouthpiece and chamber replacement screens, a packing tool and a cleaning brush. Be careful when removing residue with isopropyl alcohol as the outer shell of the device may be sensitive to the alcohol.. The device comes with a three year warranty, which inspires further confidence in its build quality. Additional batteries are available as well.


Boundless CFC LITE -  Who should buy this?

The CFC LITE is all about stealth and on-the-go vaping. If you’re a vapour connaisseur (a vapoureur? anyone?) you may object to the coarse grading of its temperature levels. If however, you’re someone who values efficiency over complete temperature control, the CFC LITE will not disappoint. Given its value for money, this vaporizer should also appeal to the beginner.

Boundless CFC LITE -  pros and cons


- Stealthy
- Removable battery
- Affordable
- Fast heating time
- Solid build


- High temperature settings that cannot be adjusted
- Prone to making chamber screens disappear (or is it just us?)

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