Puffco Proxy Kit Portable Vaporizer for Concentrates

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SKU: SHVT-05875

Puffco Proxy Kit Portable Vaporizer for Concentrates

Puffco's advanced 3D heating technology:

The Proxy has been designed specifically for extracts, with an emphasis on best taste and ease of use. With a range of accessories, including a glass insert for herbs, the Proxy is more versatile than any other appliance on the market. It's another innovative solution from Puffco.

Key features:

- Uses 3D Chamber technology
- Four temperature settings, plus "easter egg" mode.
- Ergonomic and elegant design
- Numerous third-party accessories

Proxy form factor: at first glance, the Proxy looks very different from most concentrate vapes. It looks neither like a vape pen nor a classic electric rig. Instead, it's reminiscent of a Sherlock pipe from days gone by, the kind you might have seen at your grandparents' house or in old films. The glass is balanced and ergonomic in the hand and has a stable, flat base. But what makes Proxy so special is not just its appearance or its shape. It has a modular design:

The vape is made up of two main elements - the glass and the base. The glass serves as the giant mouthpiece, while the base contains all the electrical components, the battery, the one-button control and the atomiser.

This clever modular design means that the base can be used with a variety of compatible glass bodies from Puffco or third parties. Puffco already offers the Bub, a glass pipe with water filtration.

This modular design opens up a host of customisation possibilities and makes the Proxy one of the first vapes with an interchangeable heating element.

Puffco Proxy 3D heating element and chamber: the Proxy uses Puffco's advanced 3D ceramic coils, in which the heating wire is integrated into the walls of the coils.

Unlike traditional coils, which draw their heat from the bottom, the heat here comes from all directions. This heating system, combined with precise temperature control, prevents the extracts from evaporating before you take the shot and guarantees consistent results.

Using the Proxy vaporiser: the Proxy is a cold-loading vaporiser, which means it has to be loaded before being heated. You can use the dab tool provided, which is useful for lumpy, non-sticky extracts. For sticky extracts, however, we recommend using a 'hot' loading tool such as the CrossingTech Mini Buddy HDT.

The tip heats and melts the extract in the centre of the coils, instead of scraping it off the sides of the chamber with the tool supplied. Using the Hot Knife extends coil life, prevents extract loss and increases efficiency. After pouring the material into the chamber, put on the Carp Cap and hold down the button for three seconds to activate the proxy. Press once and you can choose between four temperature settings, blue being the lowest and white the highest.

Steam quality: the quality of the Proxy's steam is impressive. It produces a creamy, full flavour and terpenes. Unlike a vape pen, the Proxy has a large mouthpiece that allows the vapour to cool before being inhaled. Excess heat is vented into the air instead of reaching the mouthpiece or face, thanks to the tried-and-tested design of traditional pipes.

The Proxy stays hot for around four to six puffs before automatically switching off. You can extend the session by tapping the button twice. Extracts are currently the fastest-growing category of vaping, and the Proxy lowers the entry threshold with simple operation. It's far easier to use than a rig, yet extremely versatile.

Battery life: the Proxy's compact all-in-one design also means a smaller battery. We managed to do around 5-6 sessions before the battery ran out. Recharging takes around 60 minutes on average. However, the Proxy has a USB-C port, so you can charge it almost anywhere. By clicking the button three times, the current battery status is indicated by a green, orange or red light.

What's in the box

- Puffco Proxy Base
- Puffco Proxy glass
- 3D Chamber
- Dab tool
- USB-C charging cable
- 5 x Double tool
- Carrying case with zip


Heating technique


Automatic switch-off


Portable / Desktop


Heat-up time


Adjustable Temperature


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