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VapCap OmniVonG

The OmniVonG by DynaVap is the most luxurious flame powered vaporizer yet! Now also available in an XL version!

The OmniVong possesses all the qualities of the OmniVap...and more, with the wooden midsection, giving the vaporizer a whole new look. This model includes a 14 mm NonaVonG Body midsection with a titanium Omni Mouthpiece. Titanium looks modern, heats evenly and is extremely durable. This is truly a vaporizer that will last a lifetime with the right care.

An obvious appeal is the wooden body which gives the OmniVong a natural touch. It’s also very pleasurable to hold and has a form which helps you rotate the vaporizer during heating. With the 14 mm taper built into the wooden body, it mates perfectly with most 14 mm water tool fittings. No need for a water pipe adapter. Just insert the OmniVong (without the mouthpiece) directly on the water pipe for some very pure vapor.

The Omni system has a specialized design to allow for simple adjustment of flow restriction, giving you complete control of the vapor to air intake ratio. Adjust by simply twisting the mouthpiece, which extends/retracts the condenser into the back end of the tip. 

Want to update your experience to peak DynaVap? Then the OmniVong gives you the ultimate flame powered vapor. You have a choice of four different wooden body midsections which can easily be replaced if you crave a new look.

OmniVonG characteristics

  • Omni titanium condenser
  • Omni titanium mouthpiece
  • Vong 14 mm Body midsection
  • Length: 92 mm
  • Handmade in the USA

OmniVonG XL characteristics

  • Omni XL condenser
  • Omni titanium mouthpiece
  • Vong 14 mm Stem midsection
  • Length: 109 mm
  • Handmade in the USA

Use of the OmniVonG

  1. Use a small amount of herb, resin or concentrate to fill the tip. Be sure to clean the tip well after use with resins or concentrates. 
  2. Put the cap back on. 
  3. Heat the cap evenly, ideally with a torch lighter. 
  4. The OmniVonG is ready to use once you hear a 'clicking' sound. 
  5. Inhale. 
  6. Once the cap has cooled down it will 'click' again. The cap is ready to be heated again.

Please note

Colourization and grain patterns of the wood vary and may look different from the vaporizers pictured. The M tip or stem are not compatible with the midsection of the OmniVonG.

OmniVonG Video

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