VapCap OmniVap (DynaVap)

The OmniVap is DynaVap's super compact, flame-powered vaporizer that is constructed primarily from titanium and a little stainless steel.

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VapCap OmniVap (DynaVap)

The DynaVap OmniVap has a new design that's absolutely beautiful to look at. It's constructed primarily from Titanium and a little bit of stainless steel.

The OmniVap features DynaVap's first infinitely adjustable air/vapor ratio, by simply twisting the mouthpiece. It does not get hot even after prolonged use, except for the vaporization chamber and the titanium tip.

The OmniVap has a length of 9,2 cm. The OmniVap XL10,9 cm long, and produces cooler vapour.

OmniVap Titanium features

  • Midsection: Titanium Body
  • Condenser: Omni
  • Mouthpiece: Omni / Titanium
  • Total Length: 92 mm
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  • Brand: DynaVap
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)


  • Olli:

    When the device arrived and I unpacked the package I was a little disappointed at first. Don't be, there is no reason. The vaporizer came almost without packaging. It also is very small, smaller then I would have guessed at least. There was no manual, just one small plastic tube for carrying the OmniVap. Before first usage you should clean the vaporizer, since there could be some leftovers from the production process. And you really don't want to inhale those. I frist tried out the peppermint herbs that were sent as gift from the shop (big thanks here!). I applied too much heat and so they became quite dark and tasted roasted. I got more disappointed. At this point I strongly suggest you watch some videos on youtube before using this vaporizer. There is an official dynavap youtube channel. Have a look here: After watching some of the videos I tried vaporizing again. This time I made sure to apply the heat more to the front of the OmniVap, because the peppermint has a lower vaporization temperature then other herbs. Once it clicked I removed the torch lighter from the tip. This time it worked outstandingly well. I tried a few other herbs afterwards an I am very happy with the OmniVap. It's quite expensive, so for it to work is what you'd expect of it. Also the vaporizing experience comes quite close to just smoking a cigarette, due its portability and vapor quality I'd rate the OmniVap five stars. Well done!

  • Kai:

    Dynavap Titan Dynavap Titan - ungewöhnlich genial! Absolut neutraler Geschmack, leicht zu reinigen (Q-Tipp reicht), federleicht, wird nicht heiss an den Fingern bzw. am Mundstück - eben Titan, die Bi-Metall-Kappe ist als Mess- und Befülllöffel nutzbar, Vaporisieren im 21. Jahrhundert, ohne Strom, so kann es sein. Der absolute Vorteil von diesem Vaporisator ist das Klick-Geräusch der Bi-Metall-Kappe beim Erreichen der erforderlichen Temperatur. Am Boden etwa 170 Grad Celsius, in der Mitte etwa 205 Grad Celsius, lt. Internet. Kann ich nur bestätigen. Fasziniert immer wieder und vor allen Dingen, es funktioniert immer, fängt da an, wo Akku-Modelle schon leer sind. High-end-Technik für die medizinische Anwendung. Danke an den Erfinder und Hersteller. Und Danke an VapoShop, dass ich ihn hab´. I´m glad to have it.

  • Berry:

    De toekomst van vapen wat mij betreft top ding. Heb mighty's een volcano een IQ de FF2 dus als ik zeg dat het een top ding is vergelijk ik dat met andere toppers. De Mighty is het fijnst uiteraard maat allen kennen hun specifieke kwaliteiten. De vapcap en met name de omni geven een beleving die ik prettig vind. Het ritueel de kleine hoeveelheid kruid maken het een top ding.

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