Minding the M

Minding the M

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Performance

Develop a feel for it

The performance of the VapCap ‘M’ hinges on your ability to apply the right amount of heat to the bowl. Using a butane powered torch lighter works best and it’s up to you to gauge the distance between the flame and the cap for optimal results. A skilled user will be able to generate a more low-heat, flavourful hit or a high-heat, dense vapour hit by spinning the VapCap ‘M’ over the flame. By controlling the airflow via the device’s carb, you can further finetune the consistency and density of the vapour.

Herbs that last and last

When you’re just starting out with this classic vaporizer you’ll probably overheat the cap a couple of times, producing an overly dense and overly hot vapour.  After a couple of times, you should be able to delicately manage the amount of heat you apply to the bowl and you’ll be surprised how long your herbs will last: from barely visible but very tasty vapour to eye-watering hits in an increasingly refined spectrum of flavour and intensity.


The VapCap ‘M’ will easily fit in the tiny pocket of your jeans (the universal standard for small, portable items), leaving ample space for a torch lighter in your main pocket. This vaporizer is seriously portable and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t carry it with you everywhere you go.


VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Build quality

Medical grade stainless steel

All VapCap ‘M’s are made from the finest medical grade stainless steel and its individual parts (mouthpiece, main body, tip, condenser tube and cap) have been machine tooled with loving precision. The 2019 edition has seen some subtle but consequential improvements.

Improved airflow

The helix-shaped grooves on the tip of the 2018 version have been replaced with serpentine airflow channels allowing for a larger surface area to act as an air-intake. The air that flows along these channels will be exposed to the external heat source for a longer time which in turn will heat your herbal material more quickly.  Airflow is further increased by small indents on the edge of the tip, creating space between the cap and the tip. A small design change that has significant consequences for the way the air enters the tip.

Better grip

The carb on the 2019 version is recessed much lower compared to the 2018 version. Easier access allows for increased airflow control as your finger is guided effortlessly over the carb. An added ridge acts as a tactile clue about the carb’s location and makes for better rolling action during vape sessions. The grooved section under the carb has been replaced with a beautifully carved rosetta pattern which ensures a good grip and shimmers in the light when you hold the VapCap at an angle.


VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - User friendliness

As always...respect the click

The device’s cap is key to a satisfying vaping session. It contains a heat-sensitive disk which will click twice when it reaches a certain temperature (usually not over 200°C), effectively letting you know when your herbs are close to combustion. When the device has cooled down sufficiently, the disk will snap back into place and you’re ready to reheat the vape. Overheating the cap is the main cause of misuse of VapCaps so you need to more or less keep your wits about you when using this little gem. When in doubt, wait a little longer or cool the VapCap by applying cold to the cap. Depending on the area that’s being heated, you will get a faster or slower click which in turn has an impact on how hot your herbs will get. Practice makes perfect…


Loading the 2019 version has been made easier with the cutaways on the edge of the bowl acting as teeth that can cut your herbs to the appropriate size while you push and twist the device. The increased airflow allows you to pack the bowl a bit tighter than you would on previous models.

External lighter

Using the VapCap ‘M’ requires an external heat source. A regular, yellow flame lighter will immediately deposit soot on your cap and will take its sweet time to heat up your herbs. A blue-flame refillable torch lighter is what you’d want in this case. Spend that extra euro on a decent one, refilling is cheaper than buying new ones.

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - maintenance and accessories

A detailed explanation on how to clean your VapCap 'M' can be found on our blog. The VapCap comes with a two year warranty and in the unlikely event the cap on yours  gives out, you can purchase a replacement cap. Even though the VapCap ‘M’ is designed with herbs in mind, you can use degummed hemp fibre to load it with concentrates to prevent the bowl from clogging due to residue. The good folks at DynaVap have provided us with a very complete maintenance kit including replacement o-rings. VapoShop recommends using the Vertigo 3-flame (stormproof) butane lighter with the VapCap ‘M’.


VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Pros and cons


- Increased airflow and more intuitive design on the 2019 version
- Beautiful design, quality materials, everlasting (at the very least until the 2020 edition)
- With skill:  a very complete, nuanced and satisfying way to experience your herbs
- So, so portable


- Learning curve ahead
- “I could have sworn I heard it click”
- Vapour is rather hot but this should come as no surprise

VapCap ‘M’ 2019 review - Who is this for?

The VapCap ‘M’ is DynaVap’s entry-level model and at this price, everyone should get one. This is a vaporizer that requires some skill to master but the rewards are well worth the effort. Bring this baby to the party and delight your friends, go travelling with it, keep it by your bedside table or fidget with it at work. The 2019 edition is worth the upgrade mainly due to the device’s improved airflow and better grip so even seasoned DynaVap enthusiasts will find plenty to be excited about.


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