Linx Gaia/Hypnos Zero glass bubbler

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Linx Gaia/Hypnos Zero glass bubbler Specifications

  • Brand: Linx

Linx Gaia/Hypnos Zero glass bubbler

Upgrade your vaping experience with this glass bubbler! Attach this bubbler to your Linx Gaia or Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer, and be surprised by the amazingly thick, aromatic clouds of vapour you get.

This glass bubbler is compatible with the Linx Ares, Linx Hypnos Zero and Linx Gaia. Comes with 4 rubber rings. 

How to use the Linx Gaia/Hypnos Zero glass bubbler 

  1. Fill the bubbler with water
  2. Flip it over and let the excess drain out
  3. Breathe in through the mouthpiece
  4. Blow out remaining excess, leaving about 1 cm of water in the bubbler
  5. Secure the included rings to the glass mouthpiece of your Linx vaporizer
  6. Gently push the bubbler down and twist it until it's secure
  7. Enjoy bubbling!

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