DaVinci IQ

DaVinci is back with a brand new vape that is more sleek and modern than any other premium portable vaporizer we’ve seen. The DaVinci IQ has all the features one would expect from a high-end portable vape, assuring a flawless experience.

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DaVinci IQ

Davinci IQ is in stock now!

Introducing various new exciting features in a sleek anodized aluminium casing, the DaVinci IQ is not only gorgeous to the eye; it is an incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use vaporizer that produces satisfying, flavourful vapour.

Replaceable 18650 battery

With many modern portable vaporizers featuring a built-in (non user-replaceable) battery, the IQ uses a single replaceable (and rechargeable) 18650 battery as power source that can easily be swapped for a fresh one. A fully charged battery will provide you with up to 1,5 hours of usage time. Charging a battery takes 3 hours.

Flavour & cool vapour

Listening to the wants of users, the DaVinci engineers focused on using premium materials and precision engineering, ensuring the IQ features one of the industry’s most precise temperature control systems.

Using a 100% ceramic zirconium air path, the mouthpiece of the DaVinci IQ allows you to draw out the purest flavor possible. The Zirconia air path passes from the bowl up through the flavor chamber, an expansion chamber that allows the vapour to cool before inhalation.

As stated by the founder of DaVinci, Cort Smith: People don't want their vaping experience tainted with metal or plastic tastes; they want to taste exactly what they put into a product and nothing more."

Haptic feedback

The IQ features haptic feedback for vibration alerts. No more staring at a LED light or display to know whether your vape is ready for use or not!

Smart path technology, vape temperatures & boost mode

The IQ features unique, so called 'Smart Path' technology. It allows you to select 4 different temperature settings and lets the device automatically set the best temperature for your vaping sessions. Other functions include Precision mode and Boost mode. The latter is a great option for seasoned vaporists, using the boost button raises the temperature inside the heating chamber to a maximum of 220°C (430°F) and is a great way to get the most out of your herb.

Bluetooth smartphone app

To further tailor your vaporizing experience, the DaVinci IQ can be connected to your Apple or Android smartphone using its very own app. This allows you to further adjust the temperature settings of the heating functions as well as track usage and dim the LED lights.

Use of the app is optional, temperature settings can also be accessed directly from the vaporizer.

What's in the box?

  • DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
  • 1x 3500mAh rechargeable 18650 battery
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 1x flavour chamber
  • 1x 10mm water adapter
  • 2x Davinci tool
  • 1x Davinci key chain
  • Cleaning kit

10 year warranty

VapoShop is an authorized reseller of the DaVinci IQ, offering a 10 year (limited) warranty.

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  • Brand: DaVinci
  • Portable / Desktop: Portable
  • Compatibility: Herbs (flowers)
  • Delivery method: Direct draw
  • Heat-up time: 0-1 min
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Temperature range: 120°C - 221°C
  • Removable battery: Yes
  • Battery capacity: 3500 mAh


  • Jonas:

    Really nice vape nothing bad about it

  • Rebecca:

    The Davinci IQ is without question the best conduction vaporizer I've ever tried. It's producing smooth clouds with very long lasting flavor. Good job from Davinci on this. But there are a few problems I got, during the last two days I tried. The silicone post who is holding the pearl is already half broken. I knew about that problem before I got the Davinci and I really twisted gently. But still it broke. Very cheap Idea to put a silicone post instead of a metal post. Second problem is the 18650 battery. I fully charged my Davinci IQ on max, I had two sessions about 6-8 mins and then it was just empty. It doesn't show the battery life correctly either. Davinci App is not working as well. Everytime I go into the app, I have to sign up the Davinci iq every time again. Hope they'll fix that soon.

  • DonDon:

    Top vapes vergeleken met de eerst editie puffit die ik ingebruik had. echter ben ik niet te spreken over de batterij. 90 minuten non stop vaping wordt er aangegeven maar volgens mij red hij het net 45minuten op 180 graden. Verder heb ik nu al kuren met de batterij indicatie. paar keer voorgekomen dat hij tijdens het laden meer dan de helft batterij toont. Vervolgens zet je hem aan en geeft hij aan dat hij bijna leeg is... 2e kuur weer met batterij indicatie. 5x klikken om aan te drukken laat batterij niveau zien van 3 a 4 stipjes laat aantal graden zien (180) van laatste sessie en schiet vervolgens uit. Ik ga hem dus retour sturen zodra ik de tijd hiervoor heb. begreep van een andere gebruiker dat hij hier geen problemen mee heeft. Dus heb denk ik bad luck! maar dit verwacht je niet van een apparaat van 259 euro.

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