portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer

portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer

As great as the Firefly 2 vaporizer was, consumers seemed to agree on several points of critique, including the airflow, the battery life and the price. Firefly appears to have listened carefully to their fans, as these are exactly the matters on which they promise improvement. 

It’s good to note that the Firefly 2+ is indeed just that: a 2+, i.e. an extension of the 2. This is not the Firefly 3 we’re reviewing here.



Performance of the Firefly 2+

Dynamic convection

Firefly makes use of a dynamic convection heating technology. This means that the more airflow you create by inhaling, the more effective the hot air heats the material. This is the most economic way of vaping dry herb, as your material is only heated when you inhale. 

Perhaps Firefly is almost too far ahead of the game with this technique. You see, it’s not only about just heating your materials when you inhale, it’s about making full use of the created vapour as well. Several users were unhappy with the lack of vapour produced by the Firefly 2. At the time FireFly was developing the 2, the tight draw was created intentionally. It seemed Firefly was on a mission to make sure no active material was brought to waste through excess vapour. According to them, “blowing clouds of vapour is like drinking your beer and spitting out more than half of it”. Allow us to elaborate. 

Excessive vapour, aka vapour clouds that you can see when you exhale, doesn’t mean you get more in your lungs. It means you’ve wasted vapour that could have stayed in your lungs and made its way into your bloodstream. It’s just that a considerable amount of consumers - for a broad range of reasons - are still looking for clouds when they buy a vaporizer.  

And so, Firefly listened. Thanks to the 33% increase in airflow, it’s easier to produce vapour clouds with the Firefly 2+ in comparison to the Firefly 2. We’ll let you decide if this actually is an improvement or not. Not to take away from Firefly for listening to feedback, but as vaporizing enthusiasts, there was a lot to say for the lack of big vapour clouds produced by the 2.

Those of you who are more about flavour than clouds should note that the Firefly 2+ - very much like its predecessor - is marketed as a flavour chaser’s dream. And deservedly so; the taste quality and terpene profiles this vaporizer releases are practically unmatched in the current market, perhaps only rivalled by the DynaVap VapCap M. 

Firefly 2+ battery life

The Firefly 2+ uses a Lithium-Ion 7.4 770 mAh battery. This is the same battery as the Firefly 2. However, thanks to the upgraded firmware, battery life has increased. You should be able to get 3 to 5 bowls out of one battery charge. This obviously depends on your personal preferences and settings. But, even the most intense vapers will notice the battery improvement between the Firefly 2+ and 2. The battery also charges rather quickly. No overnight charging sessions required here, an empty battery should be fully charged in about 45 minutes. Furthermore, if you already have a Firefly 2, the spare parts are compatible with the Firefly 2+.

Get that extra battery

If you don’t have a Firefly 2 in your collection, but you are planning on scoring the 2+, there are some things to consider when it comes to the battery. Please note that the battery can not be charged separately. If you’re one of those vapers who want to be able to vape at all times, we strongly advise purchasing a spare battery. 



The build quality of the Firefly 2+

The Firefly 2+ is a sturdy vaporizer, just like its predecessor. The body is made from magnesium alloy, which connects perfectly to the upper part thanks to a magnetic lid. The bowl is made from borosilicate glass, which will heat up your material super fast and evenly. Your vapour will then travel across a glass vapour path, to eventually reach your body through a removable plastic mouthpiece. The materials and parts used for the Firefly 2+ almost feel like they have found their ultimate purpose: giving you an optimal flavour experience. On top of that, the Firefly 2+ sits comfortably in your hand, without feeling too bulky. 

User-friendliness of the Firefly 2+

Get the Firefly app

We definitely recommend getting the smartphone app. If you already have the app because of the Firefly 2, you can easily rotate between your devices. The app is ideal for adjusting temperature settings, and once that’s done the Firefly 2+ itself works like a charm. 

Instant vaping

One of the greatest things about the Firefly 2+ is that it offers almost instant vaping, as it’s good-to-go in 3 to 5 seconds. This, of course, depends on your material of choice and selected heating temperature. Furthermore, removing the top lid to fill or stir your bowl couldn’t be easier. When you’re not inhaling, the bowl cools down very fast, limiting the waste of material. This makes the Firefly 2+ an ideal device for micro-dosing.

Maintenance and accessories of the Firefly 2+

Easy to clean

The Firefly 2+ is extremely easy-to-clean. The top lid comes off without any hassle. Cleaning the glass vapour path and the bowl also couldn’t be any more straight forward; a quick rub with an alcohol wipe and you’re done. Firefly seems to have fixed the issues with the mouthpiece as well, as removing and replacing the mouthpiece is a lot easier with the 2+, compared to the mouthpiece-challenges the Firefly 2 offered.   

Accessories reduced

The Firefly 2+ comes in a box which is about half the size of the box for the 2. Aside from the Firefly itself, the box contains one battery, a charging dock, a USB cable, one extract pad and 3 alcohol wipes. In comparison to the Firefly 2, they have taken out the extra battery and cut back on concentrate pads and cleaning tools. To be fair, they also cut the price, and it seems this is where they made up for it.   



Pros and cons of the Firefly 2+


  • almost instant vaping, good-to-go in 3 to 5 seconds
  • produces great flavour and releases the full terpene profile of the material 
  • economic vaping, no materials wasted
  • fast-charging battery
  • great smartphone app, makes the overall experience extremely user-friendly
  • easy-to-clean


  • still quite pricey
  • extra battery purchase virtually a must


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