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Marley Natural

Herb is the unification of mankind

Marley Natural is the official Bob Marley headshop and lifestyle brand. Sustainably produced accessories made from responsibly sourced materials. In accordance with Bob Marley's fundamental values of respect for nature.


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Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Water Pipe with Gold Stripe Decal
Marley Natural - Small Case
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Marley Natural - Tray
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Marley Natural - Lock Stash Box
Marley Natural - Holder
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Marley Natural - Steamroller
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Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Steamroller with Gold Stripe Decal
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Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe
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Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe with Gold Stripe Decal
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Marley Natural - Taster
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Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Taster
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Marley Natural - Wood Grinder - Large
Marley Natural - Wood Grinder - Small 3 PC
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Marley Natural - Smoked Glass Bubbler with Gold Stripe Decal
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Marley Natural - Bubbler
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Marley Natural - Crystal Ash Tray
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Marley Natural - Water Pipe
Marley Natural - Water Pipe Sale price€176.00 Regular price€220.00

Learn more about Marley Natural

Marley Natural accessories foster awareness, authenticity, and a genuine respect for nature's nourishing benefits. From refined American black walnut to hand-blown glass, all materials used in the production of their accessories are responsibly sourced. You won't find any plastic or cheap low quality raw material in any of Marley Natural's products. Marley Natural has been developed to be in perfect equation with Marley family's strong commitment to sustainability.

Marley Natural promotes positivity, connectivity, and personal transformation through an exceptional lifestyle line inspired by Jamaica’s vibrant energy. In America, Their line of organic dry herbs and their Rise Up program also reflect Bob Marley’s vision of positive social change, environmental sustainability and social justice.

In addition to their sustainability, Marley Natural products are beautiful objects that will add a stunning touch to your interior. The combination of wood and glass inspires serenity and natural vibes, and goes amazingly with plants.

Marley Natural Accessories
Marley Natural offers a perfect line of accessories for the dry herb enthusiasts who love fine objects with great functionality. From their rolling trays to their dry and water pipes, all products are made to enjoy the best possible experience. Whether you want to complete your vape experience or enjoy your dry herbs differently, you will surely find the perfect accessory with Marley Natural.

Rolling Trays
Marley Natural wooden rolling trays are the perfect example of how form and function can be combined. These premium multi-use prep trays are both beautiful and very convenient. Available in 2 sizes, these trays are made in American black walnut and finished in teak oil for the best natural protection and a subsequently glossier wood finish.

They feature a special contoured cutout corner for easy pouring of your material into your vaporizer or paper. A matching wooden scrapper is included for even more convenience and a built-in magnet helps it to stay on the tray when not used. Definitely a great option for those who can't stand plastic and want a premium accessory.

Wooden Grinders
If there is one accessory that is used by pretty much every dry herb aficionado, it is definitely the grinder. Made to reduce your dry herbs into ground material, grinders are the cornerstone of your herbal rituals.

Marley Natural grinders beautifully combine aesthetic and functionality once again, with a black walnut finish and a titanium internal system. The custom engineered teeth allow you to choose between a fluffy or fine grind depending on how you rotate the top, for a fully customizable experience.

Both small and large grinders are 4 pieces, which means you can filter the finest particles from your material through the screen and collect them in the bottom chamber. The large grinder offer a 360° clear, shatterproof polycarbonate window, allowing you to see your ground herbs fall into the chamber.

Glass and Black Walnut Collection
The Marley Natural Black Walnut Collection includes functional accessories that double as beautiful lifestyle display pieces. The striking American black walnut wood is completed by high quality glass or quartz, for a contrasted and elegant look.

Besides the previously mentioned prep trays and grinders, the Black Walnut Collection features premium pipes and bongs, an ashtray and even a wooden carrying tube.

The ashtray is a perfect match for all dry herb enthusiasts - even those who only vape - as the included metal poker can be used to remove the vaped herbs from the bowl of your vaporizer or to remove any residual ashes.