Top 10 vaporizers of 2024

Top 10 vaporizers of 2024

As we navigate the beginning of 2024, the world of vaporizers is set for a year of promising innovation. In our quest to provide you with the ultimate guide, we've curated a list that spans both the latest cutting-edge releases and refined versions of your favourite vaporizers. Join us as we unveil the must-have picks for navigating the vaporizer frontier in 2024, combining the best of what's to come with the tried-and-true classics.

January 2024 

The vaporizer industry is still evolving at a fast pace, and we witnessed a lot of wonderful upgrades and new releases in 2023. Following the technological progresses and discoveries, vaporizers now have better batteries and charging capabilities, as well as more and improved functions. It is the time of the year we update our top 10, so here's some previously unseen vaporizers, some still high performing classics, along with some updated fan-favourites and a glimpse of what is coming. 


Davinci IQC Vaporizer

 DaVinci offers some of the most advanced and forward-thinking set of vape devices available, and we definitely couldn't go without one of their handheld vaporizers in our top 10. DaVinci premium vaporizers are known for their clean airpath and high-quality materials, as well as consistent and precise temperature control. 

The IQC is the ideal middle ground between DaVinci’s IQ2 and MIQRO, as it offers almost all the same great features of the top-shelf IQ2 in a more affordable format. 

With the Smart Paths, you can customise your vaping session in ways no other vaporizer can. The DaVinci app lets you choose precise temperatures that evolve over a defined period of time, so you can really enjoy your herb or concentrates your own way. Cherry on top, its USB-C port allows it to fully charge in as little as 2 hours. 

Spoiler alert: it's highly possible that a new entry in the DaVinci lineup come soon and replace this already amazing device... Did we hear IQ3?... 

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PAX Plus vaporizers

Much like its predecessor, the acclaimed PAX 3, the PAX PLUS emerges as a beacon of innovation in the vaping world. Crafted to accommodate both herbs and concentrates, this device maintains the discreet and sleek design that has made PAX a consistent presence on 'Best-of' lists. 

The PAX PLUS, available as a Complete Kit, introduces an ingenious oven lid that reduces chamber capacity by 50%. This feature caters to microdosers seeking precision in their experience. Additionally, the Complete Kit includes a concentrate insert, perfect for enthusiasts who want a versatile and comprehensive vaping encounter, ensuring the longevity of your favourite herbs or concentrates. 

Unlike the PAX 3, the PAX PLUS doesn't offer a Device Only edition. However, this all-inclusive package provides outstanding value, delivering everything you need to enjoy a premium vaping experience with your favourite herbs. 

Retaining the tradition of the PAX legacy, the PAX PLUS features a sophisticated mobile app for easy customization of your vaping sessions. With continuous updates, PAX ensures an optimal experience, allowing you to effortlessly tailor your preferred settings. 

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Storz & Bickel Mighty+ vaporizer

The Mighty gives way to its successor the Mighty+ on our list of the best vaporizers this year. The ultimate portable powerhouse has finally been updated, and we couldn't be happier about it. 

The bright LED screen on the Mighty+ gives you all the required information regarding settings and current temperature, as well as the status of your battery life. It’s an easy-to-operate device that will give you haptic feedback once it’s good –to go. 

This new device features a USB-C charging port that makes charging faster and more convenient, and the improved heating element allows for a faster heat-up time. 

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Dynavap M Plus vaporizer 

A reputable top 10 vaporizers list would be incomplete without a portable device by DynaVap, an enduring presence expected to grace such lists for years to come. As the singular open-flame vaporizer on our curated lineup, the "M" Plus by DynaVap confidently stands alongside its battery-driven counterparts, showcasing its distinctive strengths.  

Renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness, the DynaVap "M" Plus, like its predecessor, the "M" 2021, operates without complex electronics, making it one of the most affordable vaporizers in our collection. Armed with just a (torch) lighter, this device provides instant on-demand vaping, ensuring you're ready for a seamless experience anytime, anywhere. 

Crafted for herb enthusiasts, the DynaVap "M" Plus earns acclaim from experts as the ultimate device for flavour chasers. If you appreciate savouring the nuanced notes of your material and seek a device that promises nearly instant vaping, the DynaVap "M" Plus stands as the ideal choice. 

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Storz & Bickel Volcano hybrid vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid by Storz & Bickel is without a doubt the best home or desktop vaporizer on the market. Still building on the foundation that was laid with the Volcano Classic, the Hybrid is like its digital younger brother that offers the option of vaping through a balloon as well as a whip. 

The Volcano Hybrid is as straightforward as a vaporizer can be. Fill the chamber, choose your preferred temperature, switch on the air pump and voilà! The only thing you have to decide for yourself is how to consume the vapour you create. 

The Volcano Hybrid is called the Hybrid for a reason. It gives you the choice between vaping directly through a whip or “catching” the vapour in a detachable balloon. With the detachable balloon, the vapour may be inhaled at ease, completely separated from the vaporization process. This makes it perfect for social vaping, as it’s both comfortable and safe! 

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Storz & Bickel Venty vaporizer

Introducing the Venty by Storz & Bickel, a game-changer earning its spot on our top 10 vaporizer list. This medical-grade device combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design for an unparalleled vaping experience.  

The Venty stands out with its customizable airflow system, delivering an impressive maximum flow of 20 liters per minute, ensuring consistent and satisfying results. With a swift 20-second heat-up time, it's the fastest in the Storz & Bickel lineup, always ready for action with its robust batteries and intelligent software. 

Experience a smooth, cool vape with the Venty's advanced cooling system and dual-level cooling pathways. Powered by two 18650 li-ion batteries, it boasts a maximum power usage of 130W, ensuring enduring, robust performance. Crafted to the highest medical standards, the Venty guarantees superior quality and durability. 

Take command of your vaping journey with the Web App and Bluetooth® connectivity, allowing for easy customization of settings. Elevate your experience with the Venty Vaporizer, where innovation meets optimal performance. 

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Davinci Miqro C vaporizer

The MIQRO-C Vaporizer by DaVinci, an upgraded version of the popular DaVinci MIQRO, is a compact and vibrant addition to the DaVinci lineup. While it may not claim the title of the industry's smallest, it certainly stands out as the most petite offering from DaVinci. With its engaging colours, improved user interface, and faster charging capabilities, the MIQRO-C continues to uphold DaVinci's commitment to clean technology. 

Retaining the hallmark features of DaVinci's renowned vaporizers, the MIQRO-C includes the esteemed Smart Paths technology, allowing for convenient and customizable temperature settings inherent in all DaVinci vapes. The device caters to quick and efficient micro-dosing sessions, featuring a removable/rechargeable 18350 battery and a Type C charging port for added convenience. 

Built with DaVinci's Clean First® Technology, the MIQRO-C prioritizes the use of clean componentry. The sealed zirconia/glass airpath ensures purity without compromising on quality. Safety is paramount, with the device being safety certified to provide a worry-free and flavourful vaping experience. 

The MIQRO-C features SMART PATH modes, slowly increasing the temperature during the 8-minute session. Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, the MIQRO-C boasts a 39-second heat-up time, a built-in zirconia insulative spacer, and comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty. For a compact and reliable vaping companion, the MIQRO-C stands as a testament to DaVinci's dedication to innovation and quality. 

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Firefly 2+ Vaporizer

The Firefly 2+ is quite possibly the ideal vaporizer for those who are all about taste. The vapour and terpene profile released are of the absolute highest quality, perhaps only rivalled by the previously discussed VapCap ‘M’ Plus. 

Good-to-go in only 3 to 5 seconds, the Firefly 2+ offers almost-instant vaping. When you’re not inhaling, the chamber cools down rather swiftly, making sure no material is wasted. If economic vaping is your thing, this might be the perfect device for you. 

On top of the amazing flavour and economic vaping, the Firefly 2+ is an easy vaporizer to operate and maintain. Cleaning your device couldn’t be more straightforward and thanks to the superb Firefly mobile app, you are in complete control of adjusting the settings. 

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Eyce PV1 Vaporizer 

The Eyce PV1 secures its spot in our top 10 vaporizers, offering an innovative and cost-effective solution to dry herb vaping. Meticulously crafted, this portable vaporizer challenges industry heavyweights with its thoughtful design, making it a viable choice for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. 

At its core, the PV1 delivers a pristine vaping experience. The stainless-steel airflow path ensures untainted flavours, preserving the natural essence of dry herbs with each draw. Paired with a premium glass-lined alumina ceramic heat chamber, the PV1 guarantees quality heating that competes with more expensive alternatives, maintaining the true taste of your herb. 

Equipped with Eyce's AutoFlow™ vape technology, the PV1 offers advanced temperature control with four preset settings, gradually increasing the temperature over five minutes for optimal impact. Crafted from food-grade 304 steel, it ensures safety and purity, aligning with industry standards. Convenience is seamlessly integrated with features like the included silicone lid for easy loading and USB-C technology for hassle-free charging, ensuring you're always ready for the next session.  

The Eyce PV1 isn't just a vaporizer; it's an invitation to a superior vaping experience that challenges the best in the industry. 

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Arizer Air Max Vaporizer

Besides unprecedented vapour quality and a long-lasting battery, the Arizer Air MAX is one of the most versatile vaporizers on the market. With its new automatic screen inversion and almost fully customizable usability settings, it has never been easier to combine it to a vape bong and get the exact experience you're looking for. A perfect fit for those who enjoy water-filtered vapour. 

The Air MAX is the first Arizer vaporizer to feature a 26650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, offering more than 2 hours of vapour. Its USB-C charging port – also for the first time on an Arizer vaporizer – allows you to charge it twice as fast as the previous models. 

The heating element has been significantly improved, now featuring advanced and precise rapid-heating ceramic technology. This new heater combined with the classic Arizer Air isolated airpath and the original glass pod system makes for a noticeable improvement. 

The airflow has also been improved too and is now less restrictive than the previous Arizer vaporizers. 

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 Tinymight V2 Vaporizer

In an exciting twist, our top 10 vaporizer list includes a special bonus entry – the TinyMight 2. This portable powerhouse redefines expectations with its potent performance, robust build, and unparalleled vapour quality. Drawing from years of insights and user feedback since 2019, the TinyMight 2 has undergone an extensive 18-month redesign, earning its distinctive place in our carefully curated selection. 

Crafted with American Walnut wood, this bonus entry not only enhances insulation but also provides a smoother grain structure for both functionality and aesthetics. The slightly larger size of the TinyMight 2 brings improved heat insulation, robust construction, and advanced electronics, marking a comprehensive upgrade from its predecessor. 

Notable features include a user-friendly battery lid, an integrated multitool for added convenience, and a new finish on metal parts for heightened durability. The revamped USB-C Quick Charge system ensures swift and efficient charging across various power sources. Addressing past concerns, the TinyMight 2 focuses on robustness, ensuring a worry-free user experience over an extended period. 

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