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Challenging standards of excellence

Firefly is a vaporizer company to be reckoned with, dedicated to bringing outstanding products and interesting innovations to discerning customers.

Its renowned Firefly 2+ flagship portable model comes with many new and improved features, making it a benchmark product in the industry.


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Firefly Vaporizer Shop

Firefly is an American portable vaporizer and vaporizer accessories brand. It was founded by folks who - in their own words - “love and respect the plant”. VapoShop fully supports this statement! It’s undeniably true that Firefly’s botanical passion is made evident through their products, and just like Firefly, we also love and respect the plant. Firefly has made it their mission to share their love for greenery with the entire universe. They do this with the intention of making our life a little better. A cause we wholeheartedly support!

Firefly, at their core, is a technology and design company. Their makers, artists and entrepreneurs are fully committed to delivering revolutionary and satisfying experiences. They are particularly loved by vapers who are more focused on the taste experience than the impact of a hit. And that’s not to say Firefly devices don’t perform when it comes to the latter. But the fact remains that the vapour quality of a Firefly product is top shelf. If you’re looking to get great taste from your material, Firefly is definitely the brand for you!

Firefly 2+ vaporizer
After the original Firefly vaporizer and the Firefly 2, Firefly introduced the 2+. The Firefly 2+ is the current Firefly franchise player, and what a player it is! Looks-wise, the 2+ follows the blueprint of the original Firefly and the 2. And although it is a definite stunner, it’s on the inside of the Firefly 2+ where the real magic happens. In true Firefly style, the 2+ was crafted to extract the full terpene profile from your dry herb and/or concentrates, giving you that ultimate taste experience.

Dynamic convection heating
The Firefly 2+ is a portable convection vaporizer, making use of the so-called dynamic convection heating technique. With every inhale you create more airflow, and in return, your material is heated more effectively by the hot air. This also means your material is only heated when you inhale, so not a single piece of your material is wasted.

Fast heat-up time, tasty flavour
The Firefly 2+ has one of the fastest heat-up times in vapeland. The bowl is made from borosilicate glass, which doesn’t just ensure a fast heat-up time, but also guarantees even heating. The created vapour then travels across the glass vapour path. Finally, it reaches your body through the plastic mouthpiece. But don’t let this detailed description throw you off; You have almost-instant access to arguably the tastiest vapour available.

Aside from the almost-instant access to tasty flavour, the Firefly 2+ also delivers when it comes to cleaning and maintaining, airflow and battery performance - although we do recommend getting two batteries. That way, you can always vape when you have the urge.

For a more detailed look, check out our Firefly 2+ in-depth review.

More Firefly
The Firefly 2+ is a brilliant device, and with the following accessories, you can enjoy it even more. Firefly offers concentrate pads - vaping concentrates is also an option with the 2+ - extra batteries, charging docks, Firefly 2+ mouthpieces, cleaning kits, and plenty more. Shine bright like a Firefly!