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Unrivaled attention to detail

Arizer vaporizers offer a tantalizing variety in portable and desktop models.

The non-portable Arizer Extreme Q as well as the portable Arizable Air II pen shaped models are immediately recognizable by their all-glass vapour paths.


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Air MAX Sale price€204.00 Regular price€319.99
Arizer Solo 2 MAX
Arizer Solo 2 MAX Sale price€269.00
Arizer Air SE
Arizer Air SE Sale price€109.00
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Arizer Solo II
Arizer Solo II Sale price€159.00 Regular price€189.00
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Arizer - XQ2
Arizer - XQ2 Sale price€199.00 Regular price€319.00
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Air MAX - UK Version
Air MAX - UK Version Sale price€204.00 Regular price€319.99
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Arizer - V-Tower
Arizer - V-Tower Sale price€109.00 Regular price€154.99
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Arizer - Extreme Q
Arizer - Extreme Q Sale price€149.00 Regular price€169.00
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Arizer Go (ArGo)
Arizer Go (ArGo) Sale price€139.00 Regular price€189.00
Arizer Go frosted glass aroma tube
Arizer Air/Solo frosted glass aroma tube
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Arizer battery case
Arizer battery case Sale price€2.00 Regular price€2.50
Arizer potpourri dish
Arizer potpourri dish Sale price€9.50
Arizer Go bubbler
Arizer Go bubbler Sale price€14.50
Arizer Go screens (6 pieces)
Arizer whip mouthpiece
Arizer replacement balloon pack
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Arizer elbow adapter
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Arizer Go belt-clip carry case
Arizer Go stem caps
Arizer Go stem caps Sale price€4.50
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Arizer all-glass mini whip
Arizer remote control
Arizer remote control Sale price€14.50
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Arizer (V-Tower/EQ) screen pack
Arizer (V-Tower/EQ) screen pack Sale price€3.50 Regular price€4.50
Arizer Air/Solo Screen Pack

Arizer Vaporizer Shop

Arizer is a Canadian vaporizer and vape accessories company. They are known for their all-glass vapour paths and lifetime company warranty. This goes for both their portable vaporizers and desktop devices.

Arizer products combine ease of use with sophisticated design, resulting in quality vapour. While they may be best known for their desktop devices, their on-the-go vapes are seriously respected as well. A ceramic heating element and digital display make you the master of all of your Arizer vapes.

Easy to Clean
Arizer vaporizers are extremely easy to clean. This gives you more time to enjoy those high-quality sessions and less time to spend on cleaning the removable parts. Thanks to the superb focus on maintenance, you won’t be needing any fancy cleaning products.

Ease of Use
Arizer creates devices that are really easy to use, making them great devices for novelty vapers. That’s not to say that the Arizer convenience and durability wouldn’t do great with the more seasoned vapers out there as well. Who doesn’t like a fast heat-up time and additional convenience?

Arizer Vaporizers
Allow us to highlight some of our favourite Arizer devices. Let’s start by introducing the legendary Arizer desktop vaporizers: the Arizer V-Tower and Arizer Extreme Q. Afterwards, we’ll take a look at their portable vapes, such as the Arizer Solo II, Arizer Air II and Arizer ArGo.

Arizer V-Tower
The Arizer V-Tower desktop vaporizer uses high-quality glass parts wherever possible. By doing so, Arizer delivers toxin-free, smooth, tasty vapour. The clear LCD display offers precision temperature control. The long whip is made from medical grade tubing, making this one of the healthiest vaporizers available!

Arizer Extreme Q
The Arizer Extreme Q - with a Q for quiet - is arguably Arizer’s ultimate franchise player. It has a lot of the same features as the V-Tower, such as the medical grade whip and precision temperature control. On top of that, it comes with interchangeable glass mouthpieces and a detachable balloon system. It can even be used as an aromatherapy diffuser.

Arizer Solo II
The original Solo dry herb vaporizer definitely made its mark on the scene. But the Arizer Solo II really finetunes the groundwork laid by its predecessor. Experience quality vapour from a pretty design with a heavy-duty feel. The Solo II also delivers superb battery life and allows you to vape while the device is charging.

Arizer Air II
The Arizer Air II is another Arizer icon. It delivers arguably the purest flavour available, thanks to the isolated airpath and borosilicate glass. It’s a perfectly portable device that offers full temperature control while being easy to clean and maintain. An Arizer product indeed.

Arizer ArGo
Last but not least, the Arizer ArGo, Arizer’s smallest vaporizer to date. It’s an Arizer through and through, including the signature glass stem, full temperature control and extreme user-friendliness.

Pre-load your Arizer Tubes
Want to hit the road well-prepared? Then pre-load your Arizer Tubes glass stems. At VapoShop, we carry a 5 piece set odourless and stylish case. This beauty comes with a stainless steel stirring tool.

More Arizer
There’s more to Arizer than these cool vaporizers and cases. Check out their awesome accessories, such as their bubblers, glass mouthpieces, whips and balloons. Arize, young vaper, arize!