Accessories for vaporizers

Vaporizer accessories

All the accessories, spare parts and maintenance products to maintain your vaporizer in perfect condition and elevate your experience. Replace parts or expend your collection with our wide assortment of vaporizer accessories.


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Alcohol wipe
Alcohol wipe Sale priceFrom €2.50
Easy ISO-Swabs (24 pieces)
Arizer Air/Solo diffuser tube
Davinci - Hydrotube
Davinci - Hydrotube Sale price€80.00
Arizer Air/Solo Screen Pack
Arizer replacement balloon pack
Crafty wear & tear set
Sold out
Arizer glass cyclone bowl
Sold out
Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsule Pack of 40
Save 22%
Arizer (V-Tower/EQ) screen pack
Arizer (V-Tower/EQ) screen pack Sale price€3.50 Regular price€4.50
Arizer dome screen pack
VapCap DynaKit Maintenance
Firefly 2+ alcohol wipes (60 pieces)
Sold out
PAX 2 / 3 flat mouthpiece (2 pack)
Firefly 2+ mouthpiece (2 pieces)
Save 21%
Arizer elbow adapter
Arizer elbow adapter Sale price€7.50 Regular price€9.50
DaVinci IQ2 pearl
DaVinci IQ2 pearl Sale price€6.95
Save 20%
Arizer Go screens (6 pieces)
Arizer Go screens (6 pieces) Sale price€2.00 Regular price€2.50
Firefly 2+ case with zipper
DaVinci IQ2 mouthpiece
DaVinci IQ2 mouthpiece Sale priceFrom €6.95
Storz & Bickel - Side Kit
Arizer all-glass mini whip
Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Replacement Set Extra Large