AirVape Legacy Pro Portable Vaporizer

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SKU: SHVT-05702

AirVape Legacy Pro Portable Vaporizer


  • Newest version (2023.05)
  • For both herbs and concentrates
  • “On-demand” heating mode
  • Hybrid heating for more flavour and higher efficiency
  • Gold-plated heating chamber
  • Built-in, adjustable disc for microdosing
  • Precise temperature control (93°C to 227°C)
  • Simple 3 button interface with LCD screen
  • Powerful and removable 3200 mAh battery
  • USB-C and wireless charging
  • Removable air path of glass

Who is the AirVape Legacy Pro for?

Looking for a vaporizer that does it all? You might just have found it in the AirVape Legacy Pro. Its capability of delivering world-class hybrid heating, ultra-fast heat-up time, wireless charging and concentrate mode is guaranteed to impress even the most experienced vape enthusiast.

The team behind AirVape took a long look at the feedback received from the users of the original Legacy and meticulously improved a long list of things, including the heating technology, airflow and chamber size. With these improvements and some new features, the Legacy Pro is ready to battle for the first place of portable vaporizers.

Even better looking

The Legacy was already a great-looking vape, but the Legacy Pro is even more stylish and slightly lighter. The shape is similar, but the edges have been curved for a more sophisticated look and the matte black finish now features a gold accent on the front, representing the AirVape logo.

Not only does the Legacy Pro have a premium look, but thanks to the combination of black textile and leather, they have also considered the environmental aspects as the textile is hemp-based and the leather is vegan.

New heating technology

With the AirVape Legacy Pro, you get the best of both worlds as it utilises both convection and conduction heating. The convection heat is still the same as in the original Legacy, but they have also added conduction heat by applying direct heating at the gold-plated heating chamber. This means more efficient herb extraction and faster heating.

It takes less than 15 seconds to reach vapour temperatures which will be indicated by a vibration. You can set the temperature with a 1-degree precision from 93°C to 227°C so you can always find the perfect temperature matching whatever you’re in the mood to vaporize.

“On-demand” mode

When the “On-Demand” mode is switched on, the chamber is being heated only when the power button is pushed, and the temperature drops as soon as the button is released. This way the active ingredients are only being extracted when you are activating the heating and thus preventing the herbs from being wasted.

This mode is also helpful for users that prefer a higher temperature setting, but with a shorter period of heat. While in “On-Demand” mode, you have full control over how many seconds you allow the herbs to be actively heated.

Improved airflow

The most common complaint of the original Legacy was about the airflow, so it’s no surprise that has been the biggest priority for AirVape to improve upon. After thorough testing, we can confirm that the airflow resistance of the Legacy Pro is now minimal and the new closing mechanism helps to better isolate the air path.

20% bigger chamber

With a higher heat efficiency and better airflow, AirVape also took the opportunity to increase the chamber size of the Legacy Pro by 20%. This means you can now have longer sessions by yourself, or more easily share when your friends inevitably want to give this premium vape a try.

Great for microdosing

If you enjoy microdosing or simply just prefer using smaller quantities of herb then you will appreciate the Legacy Pro’s built-in and adjustable disc made for microdosing. By rotating the disc, you can reduce the chamber size so that the herbs in there will be packed tighter and vaped more evenly.

Smarter charging

The AirVape Pro Legacy is equipped with a removable 18650 type battery with a 3200 mAh capacity that can be charged in two ways; either with the included fast-charging USB-C cable or via wireless charging. Of course, the quickest way is still swapping it with another charged battery!

Depending on how long you like to have your sessions you can choose to set the session timer to 3, 5 or 10 minutes. It also has a built-in motion detector which it uses to shut it off after 60 seconds if no movement is detected. The combination of a session timer and motion detection means your herbs will be preserved better and the battery won’t drain, no matter if you forget to shut it off when you keep it in your pocket or place it on a table.

Ready for concentrate

As the AirVape Legacy Pro now uses both convection and conduction heating it’s even better than before to vaporize concentrate. Simply place the included concentrate pad in the chamber before adding your concentrate on top of it and you are ready to start. Temperatures above 215°C are recommended for vaping concentrates such as wax and oil.

Easier to keep clean

Everyone knows that the key to consistent flavourful vapour is to keep the vape clean and AirVape has made this easy with the Legacy Pro. It doesn’t have any tiny parts and you can easily remove the screen, mouthpiece and air path of glass when it’s time to clean or replace them. The heating chamber now also has a funnel around it to make sure the herbs go into it when you’re filling it.

How to use the AirVape Legacy Pro

  • Pack the chamber lightly with herbs (or if use wax, add it on the concentrate pad first).
  • Press the power button three times.
  • Adjust the temperature with the Up and Down-buttons. After it vibrates it’s ready to start producing vapour.
  • Inhale the tasty vapour through the mouthpiece.

What's In the Box

  • AirVape Legacy Pro vaporizer
  • 18650 removable battery
  • Concentrate pad
  • Gold-plated disc for microdosing
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Cleaning tools
  • Filling tools
  • Screens (2)
  • Instruction manual


Heating technique

Hybrid (Convection + Conduction)

Automatic switch-off


Portable / Desktop


Heat-up time


Adjustable Temperature


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