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XMAX Starry/FOG glass bubbler Specifications

  • Brand: XMAX

XMAX Starry/FOG glass bubbler

The XMAX Starry/FOG glass bubbler can be connected to your XMAX Starry or XMAX Fog vaporizer. The length of the tubing and the water filtration system in the bubbler make for extra cool and smooth vapour.

  • Length tube: approx. 65 cm
  • Length bubbler: 10 cm

XMAX Starry/FOG glass bubbler reviews

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XMAX Starry/FOG glass bubbler Questions

  • Bob: 2018-12-27 19:34:21
    Will this fit the extended mouthpiece for the Davinci Miqro? Looks like one I’ve seen in a vid but I’m not certain! If not, do you know what would? Thanks
    This mouthpiece will not fit the DaVinci Miqro, as it's for the XMAX Starry and/or Fog. There's an extended mouthpiece included in the box of the DaVinci Miqro!
  • George: 2018-08-09 16:36:37
    Is this bubbler compatible with XVAPE Fog?Thanks
    Yes, this Bubbler can be used in combination with the XVape Fog.
  • Rick: 2018-07-06 21:10:32
    Does this product include both the tube and the bubbler? Can the same tube be used with a water pipe?
    Yes, this product contains both tube and bubbler. Whether the tube can be used with a different product depends on the other product.
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