The new Blaze is Linx’s latest addition to their successful line of concentrate pens.

The new Blaze is Linx’s latest addition to their successful line of concentrate pens.

Linx Blaze review - Performance

Fits snugly in your pocket

In terms of portability, the Linx Blaze is one step up from the Hypnos Zero in that it comes with a magnetic lint cap. Keeping your borosilicate mouthpiece from clogging and scratching is a big plus. It's definitely bulkier than its predecessor but still more compact than most portable vaporizers out there. Linx provides screw-on caps for its replacement atomizers so we’re still wondering why they are not included with the initial vaporizer set - having an extra atomizer in your pocket would sometimes be preferable than bringing the case along. While the case is definitely sturdy and sports a beautiful matte black finish and a subtle grey Linx emblem, it’s not exactly pocket-sized.

Ace Atomizer

The Blaze is definitely a trailblazer when it comes to the new Ace atomizer, featuring an all quartz bowl, separated from a highly responsive heating element. Linx has paid close attention to developments in larger dab rigs where quartz banger nails with electric heating elements have become a trustworthy alternative. The Blaze incorporates this heating method in a highly compact atomizer with impressive results. The quartz ‘bucket’ is adequately protected by a thick stainless steel outer shell and allows for immediate heat transfer from the inlaid heating element coiled up under the bucket. The all-quartz medical grade material guarantees a clean, wholesome and terpy vapour.

Zero Atomizer

We’ve come to love Linx’s take on the ceramic atomizer in the Hypnos Zero, with a ceramic disk instead of traditional donut. The inevitable drawback of a donut-shaped heating element is its uneven heat distribution, which mainly spreads heat on the circle of the donut, leaving the material collected in the 'eye' not properly vaporized. The Hypnos Zero’s convex heating ‘halo’ disk  allows for material to be heated more evenly with any residue being collected in a narrow groove at the outer rim of the disk. The Blaze improves on this nifty solution by increasing the size of the disk allowing for more material to be heated all at once while at the same time recessing the disk further, preventing unheated material from disappearing along the edge of the disk. The disk heats up to the highest temperature setting in a blink of an eye and the increased size of the atomizer will allow you to load material to your heart’s content. This heavy-duty atomizer is your ticket to dense, gratifying clouds.

Battery packs a punch

The most noticeable improvement over the Hypnos Zero is the Blaze’s impressive 900mAh battery which is 510-threaded. The battery charges via USB cable in two to three hours and is sold separately as well.Linx Blaze review

Linx Blaze review - Build quality

So very shiny

Like the Hypnos Zero, the Blaze’s brushed stainless steel finish is buttery smooth. This concentrate pen feels reassuringly heavy in your hand and the precision with which each part has been machine-tooled is impressive. Linx has been consistent in the level of detail brought to design and finish and this portable concentrate vaporizer is no exception. The control button on the Blaze is now a protruding metal disk which feels more durable to the touch compared to the large, slightly wobbly, plastic disk on the Hypnos Zero. The indicator light on the Blaze is now a subtle pinhole led located above the control button.

Airflow redesign

The four holes providing the air intake on the Hypnos Zero were integrated in the atomizer and made for an unimpeded airflow directly from the top of the atomizer to the filter. The air holes in the Blaze are drilled into the filter section which screws into the atomizer. The air is now guided along the side of the atomizer before entering the bowl thereby reducing possible leaking and clogging of the air holes.

Linx Blaze review - User friendliness

One button control

The Blaze is activated and controlled with just one button. Clicking 5 times will turn the device on and off, the indicator light will blink five times when the device is turned on and you’re ready to start vaping at the last temperature level you selected. Three clicks to cycle between four temperature settings (blue, green, yellow and red). The indicator light will blink three times before changing to the newly selected temperature level. When the indicator light turns white and blinks 8 times, it’s time to recharge the device. Pretty straightforward. Holding the main button down will quickly heat the atomizer to the set level. A built-in safeguard prevents overheating (the indicator light will turn light and blink to let you know the device is no longer heating).

Superfast heating

The temperature range and heating time is without a doubt one of the major assets of this elegant concentrate vaporizer. Four temperature settings deliver the appropriate range: from low temp dabbing to powerful hits, the Blaze delivers as promised. The pen draws on the powerful 900mAh workhorse to quickly reach the desired temperature and then maintains the temperature level by heating more sparingly. A low temp dab in the Ace atomizer is as flavourful, mild and clean tasting as you could ever wish for, while a powerful, instant and harsh hit on the highest temperature is right at your fingertips as well. The Zero atomizer heats up like a real trooper despite its large heating surface, allowing you to take powerful hits. It would have been nice to get an actual idea of the temperature settings, which Linx doesn’t provide. Other than that, the atomizers tend to get pretty hot, especially on the high setting which is slightly annoying, considering that this is the area where your thumb and finger will beLinx Blaze review

Linx Blaze review - Maintenance and accessories

All parts replaceable

The sturdy protective case holds your Blaze with both atomizers, a loading tool, a spare mouthpiece, and the short but elegant USB charging cable. The Blaze’s modular design allows you to switch between replacement parts and gives the ability to keep a spare battery ready. Replace both atomizers, mouthpiece, filter sections and magnetic lint cap as you go along and extend your Linx’s lifespan at a manageable cost. The glass bubbler that already worked its magic on the Hypnos Zero is also compatible with the Blaze.

Limited warranty

The Blaze’s battery module comes with Linx’s 1-year warranty. The warranty does not apply to the atomizers.

Bath time

Your Blaze could do with regular cleaning and this is mainly done through isopropyl alcohol baths. Removing residue from the atomizers is easily done by heating them on the red setting and let the residue drip out (use a tissue to wipe off those stubborn stay-behinds). Leave parts to soak for a while and your device comes out looking brand new. Check Linx’s cleaning guide video below for detailed instructions.

Linx Blaze review - Pros and Cons


- Elegant, shiny, sleek, smooth, well-built, heavy feel
- Dual atomizers for two distinct vaping experiences
- Atomizers successfully address common problems associated with ceramic donut and quartz coil technologies
- Powerful, powerful battery
- 4 temperature settings with superfast heating time


- Limited warranty of 1 year, applies solely to the battery
- Atomizers feel pretty hot to the touch

Linx Blaze review - Who is this for?

The Linx Blaze is a high performing concentrate pen and we would be hard pressed to find a worthy competitor. A logical choice would no doubt be the Hypnos Zero, its predecessor. Upgrading from your Hypnos Zero is definitely a sound idea as the improved Zero atomizer, increased battery life and reduced heating time will make all the difference. Experienced dabbers who are looking for a way to take their all-quartz flavour experience on the road will find a reliable companion in the Ace atomizer.

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