Firefly 2+

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Firefly 2+

*Support for the Firefly 2+ mobile apps has been discontinued, however, the Firefly 2+ can now be controlled using the Firefly 2+ WebApp, via a desktop browser.

Discover the enhanced Firefly 2+: Elevating the pinnacle of portable vaping to new heights. This iteration refines its predecessor, delivering an unparalleled convection vaporizing experience. 

At first glance, the iconic design remains unchanged, embodying ease of use and cleaning. The revamped unit features an embedded illuminated company logo that glows upon activation, offering a touch of modernity. 

But beneath its familiar facade lies a reimagined vaporizer dedicated to optimizing your favourite herb or concentrate's flavours. 

Key Features of Firefly 2+: 

Exceptional Flavour and Vapour Quality 

Recognised for its exceptional vapour quality, the Firefly 2+ stands out amongst portable vaporisers, delivering an unmatched taste experience for both dry herbs and concentrates. Its dynamic convection heating system ensures a comprehensive extraction of compounds, providing a richer and more fulfilling vape compared to traditional methods. 


Swift Heat-Up Time for Immediate Enjoyment 

Instant gratification awaits with the Firefly 2+. Boasting an incredibly fast heat-up time of approximately three seconds, it allows for immediate usage, ensuring convenience without compromising on quality. 


Advanced Heating System for Enhanced Extraction  

Revolutionising the vaping experience, this device utilises dynamic convection heating, guaranteeing a thorough extraction of compounds from your chosen plant material. This feature offers a more nuanced and satisfying experience compared to conventional conduction vapes. 


Portability, Design, and Enhanced User Experience 

Despite its compact size, the Firefly 2+ embodies lightweight portability, easily slipping into pockets for on-the-go convenience. With reduced draw resistance and improved battery life, it offers a user-friendly and efficient vaping experience, catering to both novices and seasoned enthusiasts. 


Efficient Battery Performance and Quick Charging 

Experience longer vaping sessions with the Firefly 2+'s significantly improved battery life. Enjoy approximately 3 to 5 bowls per charge, coupled with quick charging times of around 45 minutes for a complete recharge, ensuring minimal downtime between sessions. 


Hassle-Free Maintenance and Reliability 

Simplicity meets durability with the Firefly 2+. Maintenance is a breeze, requiring minimal upkeep and easy cleaning that takes less than a minute. Backed by a two-year limited manufacturer warranty, this device exudes trust and reliability for long-term usage. 



- Firefly 2+ Vaporizer 
- 1x Battery 
- 1x Charging Dock 
- 1x USB 3.0 Cable 
- 1x Concentrate Pad 
- 3x Alcohol Wipes 



The Firefly 2 was considered by many to be the pinnacle of portable vaping. Still, it did have something of a learning curve which led to some users not getting the most out of the device. The Firefly 2+ cleverly addresses some of these issues, turning the drawing process into a very smooth experience. For vape fans who value flavour over cloud production, the 2+ is a must-have. This is the vaporizer that truly wastes no material. 

Elevate your vaping journey with the Firefly 2+. Embrace unparalleled flavour, convenience, and reliability in every draw, setting a new benchmark in portable vaping technology. 


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