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Arizer Air/Solo diffuser tube
Mighty wear & tear set
Davinci - Hydrotube
Davinci - Hydrotube Sale price€80.00
Arizer Air/Solo Screen Pack
Arizer replacement balloon pack
Sold out
Arizer glass cyclone bowl
Sold out
Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsule Pack of 40
Save 22%
Arizer (V-Tower/EQ) screen pack
Arizer (V-Tower/EQ) screen pack Sale price€3.50 Regular price€4.50
Mighty cooling unit
Mighty cooling unit Sale priceFrom €16.75
Arizer dome screen pack
VapCap DynaKit Maintenance
Sold out
PAX 2 / 3 flat mouthpiece (2 pack)
Firefly 2+ mouthpiece (2 pieces)
Volcano Easy Valve balloon with adapter
DaVinci IQ2 pearl
DaVinci IQ2 pearl Sale price€6.95
Save 21%
Arizer elbow adapter
Arizer elbow adapter Sale price€7.50 Regular price€9.50
Save 20%
Arizer Go screens (6 pieces)
Arizer Go screens (6 pieces) Sale price€2.00 Regular price€2.50
DaVinci IQ2 mouthpiece
DaVinci IQ2 mouthpiece Sale priceFrom €6.95
Arizer all-glass mini whip
Storz & Bickel - Side Kit
Storz & Bickel Easy Valve Replacement Set Extra Large
Arizer Air/Solo frosted glass aroma tube
Firefly 2+ cleaning kit