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Important: Boundless Tera back in stock

Good news from Boundless! A while ago, we decided to recall all Boundless Tera vaporizers, due to the possible health risks of the Teflon coating inside the heating chamber of the vaporizer.

Fortunately, Boundless has developed a version of the Tera that does not have a Teflon coating. We hereby announce the re-stocking of the Tera! Order the updated Tera here. 


Boundless Tera vaporizer

The Boundless Tera is a full convection vaporizer designed with power and performance in mind and is always at your disposal for thick, flavourful clouds of vapour. 

100% convection vapour

The Boundless Tera is a full convection vaporizer. Thanks to its convection heating technique, this vape produces amazingly smooth, tasty vapour - from the first draw, all the way to the end of your session. 

A convection vape like the Tera requires a slightly different inhalation technique than most other (conduction-) vaporizers. To get the best results, it is recommended to take longer, slower draws - you'll be rewarded with amazing clouds of vapour.


The Tera features two swappable 18650 2500 mAh batteries. This makes the Tera one of the most powerful vaporizers to date. The dual battery function makes for great performance and extra long battery life.

The batteries can be charged with a wall charger, like the NiteCore intellicharger. Of course, the device can also be charged through USB.

The Tera offers full temperature control, ranging from 60°C to 220°C. This portable powerhouse heats up in less than 60 seconds.

Water pipe compatibility

Good news for those who like their vapour water-cooled: the Tera is compatible with your favourite water piece. Just use the included water pipe adapter (WPA) and connect it to your water tool for extra smooth vapour!

Don’t own a bubbler/water tool yet? We’ve found the Tera works well with this Glass Bubbler. Another good option (and more suitable for home use) is to pair it with the Honey Bubbler.

High quality

This vaporizer is made of the best materials. The Tera's heating chamber is made of stainless steel, a material that optimally preserves the flavour of your herb or concentrate. This material evenly heats up your herb or concentrate. The Tera has a large heating chamber, and holds space for about 0.5 g of dry herbs!

A ceramic heating rod located at the bottom of the chamber makes sure no electronic parts interfere with the flavour, aroma and quality of your vapour.

Of course, the Tera still features Boundless' signature swivel mouthpiece—but with added updates, like improved airflow for bigger clouds, and the option to replace it with the included glass mouthpiece for better flavour.

The temperature is displayed on the built-in OLED screen at the top of the device, with haptic feedback indicating when it has reached the desired temperature.

What's in the box?

  • 1 Boundless Tera convection vaporizer
  • 1 Glass mouthpiece
  • 2 LG 18650 2500 mAh batteries
  • 1 Water pipe adapter
  • 1 Concentrate stainless steel pad
  • 5 Stainless steel chamber screens
  • 2 Mouthpiece screens
  • 1 Cleaning brush
  • 1 USB charger
  • User Manual

Important: The Tera comes with extra screens. This screen is NOT a replacement screen for the bottom of the herb chamber.

Tera chamber screens can be very difficult to replace and it's recommended NOT to replace the bottom screen. Instead, clean the screen and chamber with a q-tip dipped in ISO-alcohol for improved airflow and taste.

It is recommended to use the extra chamber screens for use with concentrates. Simply place the extra chamber screen in the chamber, set the concentrate pad on top of the screen and then add your concentrates.  This will prevent the bottom of the chamber getting messy from the concentrates.

Boundless Tera dimensions

Length: 110 mm 
Width: 40 mm
Depth: 55 mm      

Weight: 317 g (0.7 lbs)


The Boundless Tera is covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, on top of our own 30-day, no-fuss warranty.

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Boundless TERA Questions

Which Version of the Boundless Tera are you selling at the moment? Best regards

We sell the latest 3th version of the Tera.

Hola, compré un Tera hace aprox un año, va de fábula, pero ahora (26/11/19) me entero del asunto del teflón. La pregunta es cuándo empezasteis a vender los Tera revisados, para saber si el mío tiene ese problema.Gracias

Hola, hemos sustituido todos los Tera en 2018, he controlado su pedido y le confirmo que usted posee la ultima version de este vaporizador.

Hey I have recieved and am happy with my vape, just wondering is this the v3 tera?

Yes, this is the latest version (V3).

Buongiorno, posso utilizzare delle batterie 18650 con capacità superiore ai 2500 mah?

Il produttore consiglia di utilizzare due batterie 18650 ai 2500 mAh ad alto scarico.

Hi Vaposhop,Is this the V3 or V2 version ?Thanks in advance

This is the latest version, so the V3.

Waaraan kan je zien dat je de vernieuwde versie hebt van de Boundless Tera

Beste Luti, bij de nieuwste Boundless Tera is het serienummer af te lezen van de onderkant van het apparaat.

Salve staff vaposhop volevo sapere riguardo il vaporizzatore boundless tera per voporizzare gli oli e i concentrati se occorre acquistare un accessorio a parte (quale) o gia lo contiene di suo grazie

È dotato di un tampone per oli e concentrati

Handelt es sich bei diesem Gerät um die erste Version? Da ja alle Modelle zurück gerufen wurden, aufgrund eines Plastikgeschmacks.

Es handelt sich um eine neue verbesserte Version.

Is this the new model released on April 11th?

That's correct!

¿La version del boundless tera que teneis a la venta es la version 3? Gracias.

Si, el Boundless Tera es la version 3.

Excuse me,but it seemed you didn't mention wich version of the Boundless Tera is this one you're selling! A couple of days ago Boundless released the V3,is this one the V3? In the pictures you post it doesn't seem to have the serial number at the bot

Thanks for your question. Yes this is the V3, we sell the new Version 3 of the Boundless Tera without the Teflon coating.

Is this the Version 3 of Tera? Thanks

Yes, this is the latest/newest version.

Hi vaposhop,Is this device equipped whit a 'boost mode' for concentrates that can reach C 260°?

Yes, the Boundless Tera indeed comes with a Boost mode which allows it to reach temperatures up to 260° C. In the Manual you can find all steps necessary to start the Boost mode, feel free to contact us for further advice if needed at [email protected]

Customer evaluation for "Boundless TERA"

  • + Bang for your buck.
  • + Battery life.
  • + Easy to clean.
  • + Nice draw
  • + Tons of vapour.

    After much research, I decided to chance my arm on: the Tera + Arizer Air II/Solo II bend glass mouthpiece Black + 2 Samsung batteries for DaVinci IQ. I have been using the vaporizer daily with dry herbs for a few weeks now and am very happy with my choices. The metal feels great on my hand, dead easy to change the batteries and having the extra ones is just perfect for long no-hassle sessions and overnight charging. Highly recommend getting a smart charger for peace of mind and to protect the batteries from overcharging and also a plastic case for storing them safely. Easy to use, to set temp, to revive from stand-by... no noise, blinking lights, the Tera stands upright well, it feels good quality and it looks good. Perhaps a touch heavy but the 2 18650 batteries, especially the Samsung ones, do last a long time, the extra weight is worth it. The Tera heats up pretty quickly, vibrates when ready and it's easy to draw. If you want convection, enjoy a larger bowl, the advantages of external batteries, want easiness to clean, a quality-feel, all this for a reasonable price, go for it! I haven't used the original mouthpiece much, so not sure about the over-heating issue. The black Arizer Air II/Solo II bend glass mouthpiece adapts very well using the rubber connector from the mouthpieces that comes with. The black glass makes it all look rather nice, too, wish I could put a picture here. I also got 2 VapCap SnapStash, Large, for keeping the already grinded herbs and they are nice. I only wish I had gotten also a good grinder with my order - the small plastic one I have is a sad piece now compared with the rest :-) Vaposhop has been nice to deal with throughout, thanks a mill!

    • + Easy to clean.
    • + Nice draw
    • - Bulky design

    A nice vaporizer for the price.

    I used the CFV for about a year before getting this, and it's a serious upgrade, but twice the hassle to haul around with you.

    Portable, yes. Pocket-friendly, hell no - It's so big and heavy that you need to have clothing with big pockets like a jacket or cargo pants. Best for trips where you bring a bag...
    I would have preferred a single replaceable battery and smaller size, it's a lot easier to walk around with a CFV size vape in one pocket and a handful of batteries in another.

    The display is, unlike the CFV's display, actually readable on a sunny day, but it's very bright at night and it would have been nice to be able to turn the light down a notch for night time vaping.

    The vape quility is very good and the draw is sooooo much better than the CFV.

    With herb, I usually start out on 185°C and after a puff or two I turn it down to 180°C - 170°C, where I used to run the CFV at 190°C - 205°C.
    A long, slow, steady draw is the key to a good hit ;)

    With the included water pipe adapter, the vape quality is on par with desktop vaporizers, and it's possible to take mega hits of nicely dense vapor.

    Vaposhop was, as always, handling things very proffesionally when the first release was re-called.
    5 stars for the customer service.

    • + Bang for your buck.
    • + Battery life.
    • + Easy to clean.
    • + Tons of vapour.
    • - Glass mouthpiece gets hot quickly.
    • - Plastic mouthpiece and buttons poor build qua
    • - The cleaning tools are like children's toys..

    Neat convection unit. Perhaps even in the Mighty's league. The pro's outweigh the cons. Not the most portable of units, but the vapour quality, taste and battery life makes you forget about the bulge in your pocket. I suggest using a bubbler to bypass the overheating mouthpiece issue.

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    Heating technique: Convection
    Delivery method: Direct draw
    Adjustable temperature: Yes
    Warranty: 3 years
    Compatibility: Herbs and oils
    Portable / Desktop: Portable
    Automatic switch-off: Yes
    Heat-up time: 30-60 seconds
    Replaceable battery: Yes
    Brand: Boundless
    Battery: 2500 mAh
    Temperature range: 60°C - 260°C